The Limited Edition Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette

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Urban Decay Vice 4 limited edition palette

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When the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette came out last year, I really wanted to add it to my collection. Unfortunately, it was sold out by the time I decided to actually buy it. The minute I saw the new Urban Decay Vice 4, $60, I knew it had to go on my Hanukkah wish list. Luckily, the holiday was very early this year, so I wouldn’t miss out. Hanukkah Harry, otherwise known as my parents, were kind enough to gift it to me on one of the eight nights.

Urban Decay V4 Cover

If you’ve seen or heard anything about the Vice 4 palette, then you know one of the most buzzed about aspects is the packaging. It might be one of the most unique designs I’ve ever seen. Most people say the 3-D cover design reminds them of an oil slick, mostly because the eyeshadows were inspired by the colors found in an oil slick, but to me it looks like an interstellar spider web. It feels very science inspired, kind of what a web would look like under a microscope, but with hints of that mesmerizing oil slick effect.  On a side note, the colors design on the palettes seem to vary, as you can see by the palette I received versus the one pictured on the Urban Decay website. 

Urban Decay Vice4

UD Vice 4 inside palette

The hard plastic palette comes with a coordinating bag, a double ended eyeshadow brush, a full size mirror, and 20 never-before-seen shadows, ranging from matte to metallic.

UD Vice 4 Shadows

  • Bone – oyster satin w/pearl
  • Grip – taupe matte w/iridescent micro-glitter
  • Deadbeat – black satin w/iridescent micro-glitter
  • Beat Down – deep metallic violet w/blue micro-glitter
  • Pandemonium – metallic plum w/iridescent micro-glitter
  • Framed – light neutral matte-satin
  • Fast-Ball – metallic peachy pink w/pink micro-glitter
  • 1985 – metallic fuchsia w/fuchsia micro-glitter
  • Underhand – burgundy-brown satin
  • Harlot – metallic lavender


  • Discreet – soft dusty mauve matte
  • Grasshopper – metallic emerald w/green micro-glitter
  • C-Note – frosted green w/micro-glitter
  • Arctic – bright teal w/tonal sparkle
  • Robbery – deep metallic brown-gunmetal
  • Bitter – reddish brown matte
  • Flame – bright orange w/gold micro-glitter
  • Low – brown matte w/iridescent micro-glitter
  • Crowbar – black w/golden metallic pearl and micro-glitter
  • Delete – deep chestnut brown matte-satin

UD Vice Palette Swatches Bottom 2 Rows

As much as I love a good neutral palette, I adore more color, and the UD Vice 4 gives me both. There is a great mix of vibrant colors and transitional neutrals. With so many colors to choose from, (the second and third rows being my favorite), I was almost overwhelmed by the amount of looks I could create, ranging from day to night.

Each shadow feels very creamy and blends or builds with ease. Plus, the proprietary formula of the shadows gives them great lasting color payoff, with very little or any fallout. The darker colors do seem to have more staying power than the lighter shades, which is fine by me. I always dread looking in the mirror after spending time creating a smoky or colorful eye, only to find the the dark shades have faded into either, “I don’t know how to apply makeup,” or “Don’t ask me where I was last night.”

Overall: At $60, the Limited Edition Urban Decay Vice 4 palette might seem quite pricey, but it essentially comes out to $3 a shadow for 20 shadows. However, the palette is currently on sale for $39, which is an amazing deal. If you are looking for a unique palette to add to your collection, or are tired of only having neutral shadow palettes, I highly recommend picking up UD Vice 4. I’m so grateful to Hanukkah Harry for gifting it to me, and I can’t wait to see what looks the palette will inspire me to create next.

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  1. I love all the colors in that palette! They are all super pretty!

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I wish Hanukah Harry had been more generous with me, lol! Nice gift! I love the look of the Vice 4 palette, but I know this neutral lover wouldn’t wear too many of the shades to make it worthwhile for me. Enjoy it! Let’s see some looks with it 🙂

  3. I love that there is a nice mixture of shadows. I am always pleased with UD palettes though hehe

  4. I wish I owned an Urban Decay palate and I absolutely love the packaging.It also reminds me of a science lab.

  5. I love the variety in that palette. I’m not really a makeup person but the colors are absolutely lovely.

  6. Jannine Pampu says

    That’s such a beautiful pallete! I fell in love with their nudes palletes, I’ll have to look into these ones. They’re so gorgeous!

  7. Aleya Bamdad says

    What a pretty palette. I love how summery it looks.

  8. Debra Hawkins says

    What a gorgeous palette. I love all of the many options for day or night.

  9. Those shadows are beautiful. I saw that the palette was on sale for that great price.

  10. I am a sucker for a shimmer!! I absolutely love the cases to!

  11. What a lovely palette. I used to wear make up every day. Seeing this palette makes me want to start again.

  12. I love love love UD!

  13. lydiaf1963 says

    I like the neutrals and the colors in the same palette. Somedays you just want a little bit extra 🙂

  14. I love UD, but I am passing on this one. I barely used my other Vice palettes!

  15. I love UD’s eye makeup! I would be lost without their eyeshadow primer.

  16. I can’t wait to try this palette! UD has the best formulation of eyeshadow. Great pigment and very little fallout:)

  17. Rose Sahetapy says

    Beautiful palette! Love how you display the shadows on your arms to let us see the effect of the colors on skin.

  18. HomeJobsbyMOM says

    I love the look of that palette. My tween nieces would love it!

  19. jillconyers says

    Great colors. I would have to hide it from my daughter. She would love it too.

  20. MyTeenGuide says

    What a nice palette. I am not a makeup girl, but I love the colors. My daughter will like this.

  21. i’m not much of a makeup person but these colors are gorgeous.

  22. Kendra Stanton says

    That looks gorgeous! I need it!

  23. So many great colors! And I love the case it comes in as well.

  24. The packaging is very cool! Love the glitter!!

  25. I always love UD’s Vice Palettes! I have Vice 2 and it’s stunning, always a good mix of neutrals & colors like you said!

  26. I love hoe gorgeous Urban Decay pallets are, they always put so much into the details. The cracked look works well with the name.