The pros and cons of L’Oreal Elive Water Wonder

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I purchased L’Oreal Elive Water Wonder on the recommendation of several beauty lover friends. I had mixed feelings about it at first but now my mind is made up. There are definite pros and cons for my taste but in the end you’ll see that it’s a product that I’m thrilled I bought. L’Oreal calls it 8 Second Wonder Water Lamellar Hair Treatment, a new generation of premium hair treatment.


  • My hair often looks better than ever when I use WATER WONDER. As I’m typing this I’ve just had 4 days of perfect looking hair. I was planning on washing my hair when I showered today but I just couldn’t get over how much I loved the look.
  • The price is under $10 depending on where you buy it. The 6.8 oz bottle has lasted 6 weeks for me and I’m sure I have at least half left still.
  • It takes just seconds to help you achieve results from it. And what are the results? For me it’s silkier, shinier and healthier-looking hair just as they describe. Wonder Water is a rinse out treatment that leaves nothing behind. It looks just like water. Exactly like water so what’s the deal?

Here are the directions from L’Oreal:

But after experimenting I’ve found that the best way for me is to wash and lightly condition my hair, after that I apply Wonder Water and wait a short time before rinsing. I don’t even have to use a leave in conditioner to fight frizz. My hair is fuller this way, shinier than before (even though I have color treated my hair in 2 months), and longer lasting.

Key Benefits:

  • 8 seconds to silkier, shinier, healthier-looking hair
  • Visibly transforms hair from the first use
  • Moisturizing agents & amino acid target damaged areas of hair
  • Totally weightless feel unlike anything else in hair care


My number one CON is that it is highly fragranced. I can’t use it on a day that we are guaranteed rain because that’s when the fragrance drives me nuts. Also if I have the misfortune of a hot flash then all the pros disappear! It’s a floral fragrance that most of you won’t mind but it’s too much for me in general.

The dark brown bottle shows 20ml levels since that’s the recommended amount to use. But that’s overkill for my shoulder length hair. It might be because my hair is thinner now than it used to be. But I cup some in my hand and that’s enough. It has a pointy top and if you really wanted to measure it a cap would make that easier. Since it’s like water then you need to pay attention or your cup will runneth over. It’s not water even though the name includes that and it flows like water, but you can feel some stickiness when it’s on your hand.

One of my best pandemic buys that will surely be repurchased.

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