The ultimate in sun protection: The A Method Protection Powder

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I dare you to read a skincare article that the author doesn’t mention how important it is for you to be wearing sunscreen. Now that it’s unofficially summer you’ll find this even more but that’s only because it’s true. Take care of your skin and it will take care of you!!

The A Method is a dermatologist created line by Tina Alster, MD. Everything I’ve tried from them has been top notch but I think it’s this PROTECTION POWDER BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 30 or 50 that has me over the moon with excitement.

The A Method Fair Protection Powder

The Protection Powder is so easy to apply the first time and then as often as needed during the day. We know you are supposed to reapply protection every few hours but I never wanted to carry around a tube of SPF in my purse. This slips into a pocket or purse easily and securely. Plus it’s easy to use. Turn it upside down and pound it on a counter until the powder starts coming out. Then swirl the soft brush in a circular motion to cover your face. It’s so natural looking on. I get light coverage for my redness and coverage for my protection when I’m using it in Fair.


Everything about this sunscreen is excellent for my skin and lifestyle. The Protection Powder is made with just 4 ingredients yet it has a long list of all the positives:

  • Formulated with only FOUR ingredients, they were developed to provide a fuss-free, self-dispensing alternative to dangerous chemical filled sunscreens.
  • Reef safe and non-nano
  • They are ideal for hot and humid climates providing a lightweight and crease-proof finish that is water-resistant!
  • There are 7 shades available with an SPF of 30 and one clear shade with an SPF of 50.
  • Each Protection Powder creates a barrier against the harmful rays of the sun and pollution.
  • They are easy to apply, lightweight and can be used alone or over foundation for a flawless look.
The A Method shades

Paraben-free • Dermatologist tested • Non-comedogenic • Cruelty-free • Fragrance-free

Gluten-free • Vegan • Non-nano • Reef safe • Water-resistant

I use the Clear during the day when I’m away from home to touch up. It looks natural on, blending in well without leaving a white cast. While this isn’t the SPF I’m taking to the beach, it is the SPF protection that I’m using for my daily life. It fits me to a tee.

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