The Zoe Report Box of Style Favorites

 Box of Style Favorites

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Recently, The Zoe Report did a special edition Box of Style, featuring subscriber top picks from over the past two years of boxes. If you’ve been a frequent Prime Beauty Blog reader, you know I’ve been a fan of Box of Style since my first box; Summer 2015. In 2017, some life events/challenges caused me to put my usual quarterly reviews on hold. Now that things are relatively back to normal, I thought it might be fun to share my 2017 Box of Style Favorites.

Box of Style Favorites – Spring Picks

The Spring Box of Style was a big hit for me. As always, I discovered new brands and was able to try products I’d been curious about. Although I adored everything in the box, two items stood out, the Tribe Alive Custom Carryall ($238) and the Tatcha Polished Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder ($65).

Box of Style Favorites Tribe Alive Bag Spring 2017


The Tribe Alive Custom Carryall was my go-to bag throughout spring and summer. Not only is the bag functional, it’s also stylish. But what I love most about this bag is that it’s handmade by female artisans from around the world. In fact, every purchase of Tribe Alive products helps provide a safe work environment and fair-trade wages to impoverished women, so they can support their families and improve their future. I really like supporting brands with a mission such as Tribe Alive.

Box of Style Favorites Tatcha Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder - Spring 2017

My second pick, the Tatcha Polished Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder, is now one of my favorite gentle exfoliators. I even repurposed an empty sample container so I can take the powder with me when I travel. This is how much I love it. The powder does an amazing job of sloughing off dead skin cells without irritating my dry, sensitive skin. I will continue to use it till the jar is empty and will most likely repurchase it again.

Summer Box Picks

This summer was especially challenging for myself and my family. When my box showed up at my door it was a much-welcomed pick me up. Like the previous season, I also had two Summer Box of Style Favorites. This time it was The Brave Collection Compass Necklace ($115) and the BeautyCounter “Color Pinch” Cream Blusher in Hibiscus ($37).

Box of Style Favorites The Brave Collection Compass Necklace - Summer 2017

As much as I adore bold statement jewelry, I’m also into delicate pieces I can layer or wear every day. The Compass Necklace is perfect for both. And like the Tribe Alive bag, this necklace also comes from a company who believes style should have a purpose. Not only is the piece handmade by fair-trade Cambodian artisans, but The Brave Collection also donates 10% of their profits to help fight human trafficking. This makes me feel really good whenever I wear The Compass Necklace.

Box of Style Favorites Beautycounter Color Pinch Cream Blusher

My next Summer Box favorite is the cream blusher from BeautyCounter. Although I tend to reach for powder blush most of the time, I don’t shy away from a good cream blush. It’s hard to ignore this beautiful BeautyCounter “Color Pinch” Cream Blusher in Hibiscus. The stick format makes it easy to work and travel with and the creamy texture blends like a dream. Even though the color was picked for summer, I find the intensely pigmented, long-lasting Hibiscus can be worn all year round.

Fall Box Picks

I look forward to the fall all year long. The weather cools, the leaves change, and a giant hurricane named Irma causes you to evacuate your home. Thankfully, my fall box came packed with goodies to distract me from mother nature, including two new Box of Style Favorites. This time I fell for the Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream ($52) and the Skinesque 3-Step Brightening + Charcoal Mask ($35).

Box of Style Favorites Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream_Fall 2017

Oh Oribe, you suck me into your hair goodness. I was determined not to like the Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream because who would spend that much on one hair product. Yeah, well, I think I might be one of those people now. This cream is incredible. It leaves my hair looking flawless for days, whether I use it wet or dry. I’m trying to use it sparingly, so I’m not forced to repurchase. Let’s see how long I last.

Box of Style Favorites Skinesque Brightening Mask + Charcoal Mask_Fall 2017

As a mask junkie, I also couldn’t resist the Skinesque 3-Step box of masks. I would absolutely purchase these again. It’s like giving myself an at-home spa treatment each time I use one. The foaming cleanser (Step 1) is so gentle and my skin just drinks up the serum (Step 2). Finally, let’s talk about the mask (Step 3). It feels so soothing and refreshing. It doesn’t irritate or overpower my skin. I actually have to remind myself to take it off after 20 minutes, that’s how good it feels.

Winter Box Picks

Finally, we have the Winter Box of 2017. This cozy little gem was full of so many great items, which made picking my favorites much harder. After careful consideration, my Winter Box of Style favorites are the House of Harlow 1960 Mesa Door Knocker Earrings ($115) and the Unreal Fur Faux Fur Stole ($85).

Box of Style Favorites House of Harlow Mesa Door Knocker Earrings_Winter 2017

Both of these items, along with a few of my picks from above, joined me on my recent NYC adventure. First, let’s talk about these stunning earrings from House of Harlow. They are the perfect blend of statement and shimmer. Their modern, yet vintage, really reflects my eclectic style. I really like that I can wear them with a sweater and jeans or on a fancy night out. And bonus, they aren’t too heavy, so they feel comfortable on my ears.

Box of Style Favorites Unreal Fur Faux Fur Stole_Winter 2017

Last, but certainly, not least is the Unreal Fur Stole. I never thought I’d be one to rock fur, or faux fur, anything. Like the earrings, this stole has a modern, yet vintage charm. Although it’s lightweight it keeps my neck and décolleté oh so toasty. I wore this faux fur stole numerous times in the cold NYC winter, and even paired it with the earrings for a date night. I can definitely see wearing the Unreal Fur Faux Fur Stole for many fall and winters to come.

Overall: If you haven’t guessed by now, or by reading my previous reviews, The Zoe Report Box of Style is my favorite quarterly box. It might actually be my favorite subscription box in general. I look forward to receiving it every season. Although the $100/per quarter price tag is a bit of an investment, it’s well worth it. Each box is packed with at least $300 worth of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle products. And I always find new Box of Style Favorites waiting for me, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

Curious to try the box out yourself? The 2018 Spring Box is available for sale now, as well as the full box reveal.


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  1. Lola Seicento says

    What a great box! The TATCHA and Oribe picks are fantastic!

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I don’t blame you for loving your Zoe Report subscription. What awesome gifts! I love the Tatcha Rice Powder. I have both gentle and regular. I need to grab one today!

  3. I always love Box of Style goodies. I didn’t get this one yet. This is the latest one right?

  4. I always look forward to reading your reviews on the box. One of these days I’ll spring for it. Since I don’t have pierced ears I don’t usually get boxes that will have them but this subscription always has wonderful items.

  5. It is a bit pricey for sure, but they seem to feature very good brands. I can’t really afford it right but I would consider it in the future!

  6. These are pretty items. I like the purse and the lipstick color looks like something I’d wear.

  7. I keep getting emails about the box, but I’ve been on the fence. I didn’t realize that it had products with a value of $300

    • It is very a high value each quarter, which makes the $100 investment worth it. Sometimes you can find discount codes or sales on previous boxes on Hautelook.

  8. I like the jewelries, esp the necklace

  9. This is a really great box, I love all the options they have and how you showcased them. I hadn’t heard of Zoe Report before, going to have to peek at it!

    • What I like too is how they’ve started letting us pick certain items, such as whether we want gold or silver in jewelry or black or tortoise shell in sunglasses.

  10. I really like the look of the skin masks, I am a mask junkie too and I totally get what you mean about saying you arent one of these people who spend that much on a product but then fall in love, I do that all the time so you’re not alone!!

  11. Our Family World says

    This is one awesome subscription box! Look at all the wonderful items you got. I will have to check on this. I’ll let my daughter know about this too.

  12. That bag is super cute and I love the shade of the cream blushes!

  13. Chelley Martinka says

    I’ve never heard of Zoe Report before! I can’t wait to get my own subscription!

  14. Jamie Sanders says

    These are some great items for sure!

  15. I am a huge fan of Oribe. Their hairspray is one of my favorites!