Thirsty Towels Luxury Robes!

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There really is nothing like the feel of a luxurious Turkish towel next to your skin! It’s the ultimate pampering, the epitome of indulgence. This is why they make such exceptional gifts for the special people on your shopping list this holiday season. With everyone’s hectic schedules, being able to relax and be pampered at home with premium Turkish towels and bathrobes by Thirsty Towels is the best gift you could ever give!

I love a soft, warm robe to cuddle in on cold wintery days. Thirsty Towels are super-soft and ultra-absorbent, made with the finest quality materials and manufactured in a way that’s free of harmful chemicals. The company prides itself on making sure workers in Turkey, where these premium products are made, are paid a fair wage. Every time you wrap yourself in a Thirsty Towel, you’ll feel the care that went into making them.

I chose the Terry Zen Spa Robe $89 in my favorite color, pink. Turns out I have good taste because this particular robe is used in many upscale Spas and Resorts! The 450-gram weight provides me with a warm and cozy medium weight robe without being too heavy. This robe has a special yarn that is 100% soft and durable Turkish Cotton but constructed from a fluffier and softer yarn. And fluffy it is! My Spa robe is a mid-calf length, has a shawl collar, cuffed sleeves and two big pockets–gotta have pockets! It also has two belt loops so you can adjust it to fit your waist.

The beautiful robe is presented in a lovely white mesh bag perfect for gift giving. 

Just look at the plush, fluffy cotton texture of this luxurious robe!

My old robe was probably 10 years old and in very sad shape, so I’m thrilled with my Thirsty Towels Terry Zen Spa Robe! It’s just the right length, warm and fluffy and I enjoy wearing the pretty pink shade. It’s also the perfect accompaniment to my bath ritual!

There’s no better way to indulge yourself or someone you love for the holidays! Visit Thirsty Towels and chose a robe you or your loved one will enjoy as much as I do!

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  1. This post comes in perfect time for the holidays! Due to your pictures I can see how comfy and soft it is! Great information

  2. Looks super comfy to lounge around in after a hot bath!

  3. The robes look so luxurious!! Love it


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