Too Faced It’s Just Comes Naturally Collection!

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I mentioned in another post that I was super excited about the Too Faced It Just Comes Naturally Collection. I know, I know, I must bleed in a neutral shade I have so many and I probably need another neutral eyeshadow palette like I need a third boob. Combine that fact with my disappointment over the last few collections from Too Faced and I even surprised myself by purchasing. But look at the packaging!! And in my defense, the eyeshadow palette has some deeper shades that are a bit out of my comfort zone. So there, Judy McJudgters. Truthfully, I only bought the Too Faced Natural Face Palette ($44) to review for you, little did I know it would turn out to be the star of the collection!

The entire collection has that no-makeup, cool, casual, easygoing attitude. You can create a summery bronzy look or a sweet innocent ingenue vibe. The collection includes a face palette, an eyeshadow palette, a matte eyeshadow palette, three bronzers and 10 new nude lipsticks. The bronzers and the eyeshadow palette are just repackaged. The face and matte palettes and lipsticks are new.

First though, let’s get back to the stunning packaging. I die. These palettes are really sturdy and substantial–no cardboard in sight. They are heavy plastic, have a domed top adorned with a lace pattern and close with a gold heart! The design is so feminine and sophisticated–a definite departure from clover or unicorns. This feels grown up–just sayin’.

Though I adore the beautiful packaging what’s inside is even more important and I am so, so happy to say the Natural Face palette does NOT disappoint! The palette is designed to luminize, bronze, and add the perfect flirty flush. It features:

  •  Shimmer Highlighters: Starlight & Satin Sheets
  • 2 Blushes: Pink Wink & Pink Sand
  • 2 Bronzers: Sunny Honey & Tropic Like It’s Hot

This palette is infused with hydrating coconut butter making the texture creamy and velvety-soft. The six shades have multiple finishes and great color payoff. The palette definitely does lean warm so that is a consideration for you cool toned ladies.

Every shade in this palette is beautiful. Starlight highlighter is a duo chrome shimmery pink that shifts to a yellow gold, it’s breathtaking. Satin Sheets is a pretty gold highlighter. Both can be subtle or applied with a heavier hand to be as blinding as a lighthouse beacon. If you’re going for the subtle look, make sure to take a little extra effort to buff into the skin and blend well. Pink Wink blush is a satin bright warm pink that imparts a natural flush-it’s very pigmented. Pink Sand is a lovely matte mauve pink. Sunny Honey is a matte bronzer that is great for my pale skin, Tropic Like It’s Hot is a shimmery copper bronzer–it’s too dark for me so I use it as a blush for a bronzey summery look. This shade is very similar to the pink leopard bronzer.

I’m kind of smitten with the face palette. I love that it has the three basic steps for face makeup: bronzer, blush and highlight and that there are so many options to choose from as well as combinations to create. Too Faced seems to have dubbed themselves the Queen of scented palettes and this one has a sweet cocoa scent. It isn’t, however, nearly as strong as the peach scented palettes–you really have to get your nose down into the product to smell the scent. The quality is excellent and I’m so glad I gave Too Faced another chance.

This is the third iteration of The Natural Eyes palette ($38) and the formula has been revamped to use coconut butter for a creamier, more silky texture. The first version came in cardboard packaging, the second in a tin with a few shade changes and now this gorgeous and elegant version. I don’t own the first or second so I thought this was a good time to purchase. This third rendition is a larger size than the second (tin packaging) and has a full mirror as opposed to the small one in the tin version. All the shades are the same as the tin version with the exception of one new shade Strip Poker. I won’t talk about the new packaging as it is the same as the face palette just slightly smaller.

This is where I’m not quite as impressed. The palette contains a set of nine pigmented matte, shimmery, and pearl powder shadows. Three of the shades are larger (as in all the natural eye palettes) designed to be used as base shades: Heaven, a matte vanilla, Silk Teddy, a shimmery champagne and Strip Poker, a matte beige. The other shades are:

  • Cashmere Bunny– warm matte light brown
  • Sexpresso– cool matte deep brown
  • Push-Up– light bronze pearl with a peachy undertone
  • Erotica-charcoal with silver glitter and a mauve undertone
  • Honey Pot- metallic peachy gold
  • Chocolate Martini -deep brown with gold glitter

The palette does have enough shade variation to create a complete look: the three larger pans can be used as a base or all over shades.  I like to use Silk Teddy to both highlight the brow bone and as a lid shade and Strip Poker and Cashmere Bunny are fantastic transition shades. I’ve used all three deeper shades for crease work: Sexpresso, Erotica and Chocolate Martini. My problem with the deeper shades is that they don’t really blend well–they either turn muddy or blend completely away and have fallout. Push-Up and Honey Pot very pretty swatched but I don’t feel they translate that well to the lid.  I don’t know why but my favorite shimmery shades, Push-Up, Silk Teddy and Honey Pot are prettier in the pans and swatched than on the eyes which is disappointing. The shadows are also powdery and kick up a little in the pan. Don’t get me wrong, I am able to create some soft pretty looks but they just don’t wow me.

You know how when you meet someone new, whether it be a new man or a potential new bestie, and you like them but you’re kind of reserving judgment until you know them better? You’re in like but not in love–that’s how I feel about this palette. It’s kind of meh. Okay but not great, ‘ya feel me?

On to the lips! There are 10 Natural Nude Lipsticks ($22) that are creamy and cocoa butter-infused for super-rich, comfortable wear. They also have stunning packaging. The tubes are the color of the lipstick and have the same delicate lace pattern.

I chose only one, Strip Search to try. Strip Search is described as a warm pink but it is very pale on me and washes me out a bit. If the shade on my lips was the same as the swatch above I’d be happy, however, it’s very light and looks like concealer on my lips. I had to layer another shade to get as much color as you see in the pic below. Maybe I should have known the shades would be on the lighter spectrum since it IS a nude collection.

The texture is soft and creamy but I wouldn’t say it feels like a balm like Too Faced says and it doesn’t last 8 hours either. I’m not crazy about the formula, I have many, many other lipsticks that feel more hydrating and are lighter weight. I also feel these are a bit spendy, considering the L’Oreal Shine lipsticks (reviewed here) are $9.99, have a better slip, prettier shades and are more moisturizing. I’ll take the blame for Strip Search not working with my coloring but I don’t think I’ll try other shades because of the formula.

Bottom Line: I love the Too Faced Natural Face Palette and feel it’s worth the price for warm toned gals, there is not much there for cool toned beauties. If you already have a version of the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette skip the new one, it’s just not that exciting. I can’t comment on the Matte Natural Eyes Palette, I’ve read both good and bad reviews. The Natural Nudes Lipsticks are not for me and I do think they are slightly overpriced but I’m sure there are plenty of fans. Just be careful picking shades if you’re shopping online because Too Faced really means it when they say ‘nude’.

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  1. Such beautiful palettes, the shades really suit you. I love Too Face cosmetics they’ve never let me done.

  2. Such beautiful palettes, the shades really suit you. I love Too Face cosmetics they’ve never let me done.


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