Too Faced Joy To The Girls: Review, Pics, Swatches

Too Faced Joy To Girls

Purchased by me


This has been a “prime” (hee hee) holiday season for makeup palettes. Every year at holiday time, I love to sample and review the best makeup palettes  for you. Today I have Too Faced Joy to the Girls ($46), an eyeshadow palette with 15 beautiful shades and a full sized LashGasm mascara. The packaging is sturdy cardboard with a cute teal and gold design complete with easy-to-follow illustrated tutorials for “weekday,” “weekend,” and “party time” looks. These universally flattering shades can be worn alone or layered beautifully for endless possibilities.

2013-12-08 02.20.51 (360x480) (360x480)

2013-12-08 02.21.03 (360x480)

The eyeshadows have a wonderful variety of finishes from matte to satin to shimmery. I also really like like the selection of colors–there is a good mix of warm and cool. I am however, slightly disappointed in the texture of some of the shadows–they are very powdery and can be difficult to work with. Some of the matte shades fade so an eyeshadow primer is a must.

  • Cooke Dough – Satin Beige/Brown
  • Cheers – Warm toned frosted medium brown
  • Prancer – Copper Brown with gold shimmer
  • Sugarplum – Warm purple with shimmer
  • Mulberry – Cool matte purple
  • Snow Angel – Very pale matte beige
  • Powdered Sugar –Matte pale pink 
  • Too Too – Warm medium matte pink with subtle shimmer
  • Yule Log – Dark brown with bronze and burgundy shimmer
  • Chestnut – Dark warm toned  brown with satin finish
  • Twinkle – Burnished gold frost 
  • Joy – Light turquoise with a metallic finish
  • Spike the Punch – Warm Peach with white shimmer
  • Chimney – Charcoal metallic grey
  • Coal – Matte soft black

Whereas the Be Merry and Bright palette has bright pops of color for the daring girl, Joy to the Girls is softer and more girly with wisps of pastels and a sprinkling of purples and grays. I imagine a ballerina sitting down in her dressing room with this palette.

2013-12-08 02.28.52 (480x360) (2)

L to R: Cookie Dough, Cheers!, Prancer

2013-12-08 02.30.26 (480x403)

L to R:  Sugar Plum, Mulberry and Snow Angel

2013-12-08 02.33.39 (480x360)

L to R: Powdered Sugar, Too-Too, Yule Log

2013-12-08 02.35.19 (480x360)

L to R: Chestnut, Twinkle and Joy

2013-12-08 02.38.22 (480x478)

L to R: Spike the Punch, Chimney and Coal

The first look I tried I used Cheers! on the lid, Yule Log in the crease, a black liner on the top lashes and Joy on the lower lashes. I had a hard time getting Joy to show until I used it wet–used dry it barely showed up.

I had much better luck with this look: Snow Angel on the brown bone, twinkle on the lid, Sugar Plum in the crease with more twinkle on the inner corners. I quite liked the look of gold and purple together, if you haven’t tried this combination, give a go! Sugar Plum did fade by the end of the day and I had to reapply to take these pictures. I used Coal wet as an eyeliner on top lashes and Susan Posnick bronze eyeliner (rec’d in a Wantable beauty box) on bottom lashes. Which brings me to the LashGasm mascara.

Too Faced Joy to the Girls


Too Faced Joy to the Girls

By now you all know how picky I am about mascara and what strict criteria I have. I’m not loving LashGasm. There. I said it. I get more length and not as much clumping from loads of other mascaras. The wand is rubber, the kind I prefer but I just don’t get the length or separation I need from LashGasm.

Bottom Line: Too Faced Joy To the Girls is a nice palette with some pretty eyeshadows inside. The ones that have the best texture and color payoff are Prancer, Sugar Plum, Yule Log, Chestnut and Twinkle and Chimney. Some of the matte shades apply patchy. I give it a B+




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  1. Gorgeous swatches! I’m stuck for choice between this and A Few Of My Favourite Things.

  2. I’ve looked at this but it’s similar to one I bought last year and don’t get enough use out of. Some of the colors are beautiful though.

  3. This seems like a great palette. I love the colors in it. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Mamavalveeta03 says

    Pretty, but I can live without it. And I can’t eat it, so it’s not on my Christmas wish list. 😉