Top 10 Beauty Hacks!


This week our Top 10 bloggers are sharing their beauty hacks. Anything that saves me time or money I’m down with! I can’t wait to see what the tips and hacks the rest our bloggers have in store, so I can learn more!

1. Get perfect cuticles

If your cuticles look like a crime scene like mine, moisturize them with a little bit of lip balm. A petroleum jelly-based pot balm does the best job. Keep a pot on your bedside table to remember to use it every day.

2. Make Perfume Last

To make sure your fragrance lasts all day long, apply behind the ears where the pulse points are, inside your elbows (an obscure pulse point), behind your knees and spray a few strands of your brush and run through your hair.

 3. Blot Oil