Top 10 Makeup Brushes!


We’ve talked about  good brushes vs. the crap that comes with most makeup many times on this blog. Yes, even high-end brands sometimes fall short in the quality of their brushes. You can spend a small fortune on high quality, custom designed brushes and many bloggers and makeup fanatics do just that. I  prefer to stay somewhere in the middle and have even found some very nice brushes at drugstore prices. One thing we can all agree on is that makeup brushes can make a HUGE difference in the look of your makeup: professional vs. amateur. For example; a densely bristled brush will deliver more color than a looser brush, different shapes and sizes make getting into certain areas easier, short handles are easier to hold, etc.  Personally, I am not loyal to any one brush brand so I have a rag-tag group of mismatched brushes–but I love them all! Drum roll please….let’s have a look at my Top 10 Makeup Brushes and our other bloggers favs too!

FACE BRUSHES 893224002550_0 IT Cosmetics Jumbo Powder Brush ($55) this brush has ultra soft fluffy bristles and a rubberized handle for a good grip. I use it for all-over finishing powders. Absolutely NO shedding! It. Is. Huge. 893224002673_0 IT Cosmetics French Boutique Blush Brush ($34.50)  I adore this brush for blush and rarely use anything else. The slanted bristles ensure correct blush placement and the bulb in the center of the handle is excellent for positioning your hand in just the right place. The ultra soft bristles are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Love it! 71184 BareMinerals Face Perfecting Brush ($28) -although I wasn’t crazy about the BareSkin Foundation for my skin, I LOVE the brush that came with it. This brush is perfect for the newest hybrid foundation like BareSkin and Laura Mercier Flawless Finish Fluide. This brush is fab for ANY liquid foundation! 3605970213329_CONCEALER8BRUSH Lancôme Concealer Brush #8 ($27.50) – if you’ve never used a concealer brush you will be stunned at how much difference it makes! This has synthetic bristles that make concealer application super smooth. Plus, with a brush you can get hide dark circles better and get into corners! I have had this brush for probably 7 or 8 years. Time to get another one! M45R01 MAC #187 Duo Fibre Face Brush ($42) – this brush is a real multi-tasker! A blend of synthetic and goat fibers, it can be used for foundation, setting powders, blush or anytime you need a light application. I use it for very pigmented blushes so I don’t end up with clown cheeks. EYE BRUSHES   59236 Make Up For Ever Precision Blender Brush Large #236 ($31) – I don’t why this is called a blender brush–it’s a crease brush people! This brush is both soft and firm–I know sound weird but it is. I use it as a crease brush because the rounded head fits into my eye socket juuuust right. The dense bristles hold on to color and it works great for a smoky effect. It also comes is a size smaller. 59258 Make Up For Ever Precision Eyeliner Brush #258 ($24) – I adore this brush for gel and powder eyeliner. It is just the right shape (flat) and thickness to apply eyeliner  precisely.  The flat side can be used for thicker liner and the tip for thin. The handle offers good balance for easy application. This brush also comes in Ultra Fine (#250) and I use it too. E40-2 Sigma Tapered Blending Brush E40 ($16) – BEST blending brush evah! I never have to worry about my eye makeup not being blended–just a quick swipe or two of this soft fluffy brush and I’m set! I have been using it for 4 years and it’s still as soft as ever and so economical! E55-1 Sigma Short Shader Brush E20 ($14) – this brush is a must-have for smoky eye looks. I especially like it for smudging under the eye and in the outer corner. 1203-ecotls-full-eye-shadow_1 EcoTools Full Eye Shadow Brush ($3.99) – EcoTools brushes are a great way to start your makeup brush collection on a budget! I like the full shadow brush because it’s wide so I can apply eye shadow in one swipe. EcoTools are known for their 100% cruelty-free bamboo handled brushes. I also recommend the Eye Essentials set of 5 brushes for only $7.99. These are the basic brushes I use. I do have several others for very specific things, but this is a good starter kit. I don’t use lip brushes but many others do and truth be told I probably should!

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  1. IT Cosmetics brushes are everythinggggggg. I love MAC and MUFE too!

  2. Jess Scull says

    The IT Cosmetics brushes are some of my all time faves!

  3. Glad to see IT on your list! I’ve fallen in love with every one of their brushes I’ve used!

  4. Those are some great picks. I am obsessed with the IT brushes and absolutely adore the Bare Minerals brush. Awesome choices!!

  5. I love your picks! I almost added an It cosmetics brush, but I kept mine to brushes I’m using daily.

  6. I love your list!

  7. That MAC Duo Fiber brush is so good, isn’t it?

  8. Great list! I really should have included IT, too!

  9. I love seeing so many people have the same favorite makeup brushes that I have.

  10. Brushes, brushes, everywhere! 🙂

  11. I haveto try IT Cosmetics brushes!

  12. I think IT is winning the number of recommendations and rightly so. I’d have had a few of these on my list if I could have done it.

  13. The Bareminerals face perfecting brush is sooo intriguing, I want to try it with my liquids

  14. I adore my MAC 187!! I love it so much I have two!

  15. I love that Sigma brush…need to put that on my wish list. It looks perfect!

  16. I love the It Cosmetics brush I have – and I just bought two more today! Can’t wait to get them from Ulta. Love love makeup brushes!

  17. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I’ve got a couple of IT brushes, but my favorites have always been my Bobbi Brown brushes, and they always will be! She’s tweaked a few over the years, and they’ve only gotten better. I use my bronzer brush every single day and I’ve had it forever. I’d also like to mention Trish McEvoy for coming up with some amazing brushes, too.

  18. I so want that Bare Minerals perfecting brush!

  19. You have some great choices represented here!

  20. I need to try some it brushes. Great choices.

  21. Great roundup!

  22. I still have to try those It brushes!

  23. I can’t use the new Bare Minerals foundation either, I know it will make me crazy itchy after looking at the ingredients. However, I really want that brush!

  24. Thank you for sharing your favorites!

  25. 1 of everything, please?

  26. I have a lot of IT brushes, but neither of the two on your list! I will definitely think about picking them up!

  27. I have a slightly different take on most makeup brushes as a makeup artist, from your list I think Eco Tools makes great brushes for good value.

  28. Betzy Carmona says

    I love my mac 187 !

  29. I need to get my hands on some IT Cosmetics brushes.

  30. Great pics. The MAC 187 will always be a fave.

  31. I have 2/3 187 brushes and I used to use them exclusively for foundation before I discovered the Beauty Blender.

  32. Thank you for the great list!! I can’t spend $50 on a brush, but $15 to $30 is reasonable for me! Those brushes look really nice!

  33. I am really curious about the bareminearls foundation brush! I’ve heard great things about the new MUFE ones in general as well. Must drop by the store one of these days 🙂


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