Top 10 Tuesday – Get Your Glow On!

We all know to stay out of the sun but I for one, don’t want to look like a mole who never sees the light of day so I rely on bronzers to help me look healthy. Being a naturally pale girl, here are my top choices for a faux tan. Make sure to scroll down to see what the other bloggers ch0se for their faux glow!


Bronzers for the Face:

Tarte Park Ave. Princess – been using this for the last three years. Get the Bronzed Goddess look without the sun damage. Tarte Park Ave. Princess comes in both regular and waterproof versions.  The waterproof version really lives up to its claim–it truly is waterproof–I know I tested it in the shower! This is my favorite bronzer for fair skinned beauties like me so I was thrilled when they came out with a waterproof version last summer.

Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder – this baked powder is ultra smooth and silky and delivers a soft radiant glow with a matte finish. It comes in four shades so you can select what intensity you need. I’ve been using Intensity #3 but I could easily use #2 also. This also comes in a beautiful highlighter. For you beauties that need more color, Laura Mercier Baked Blush Bronze in Ritual is perfect, read my review here.

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Buxom Hot Escapes Bronzer – not your typical muddy, flat bronzers, Hot Escapes are creamy, buttery smooth and impart a sun-kissed glow. Tahiti is perfect for us fair skinned girls and Maldives is great for darker skin tones. The texture is fabulous thanks to the coconut oil in the formula–it even smells like the beach. Tahiti gives me a light golden warmth I love! See my review here.  Available exclusively at Sephora.

2013-04-28 01.53.24 (480x360)

BECCA Bronzing Skin Perfector -another really great option is a liquid bronzer. BECCA’s Bronzing Skin Perfector is a creme product designed to smooth, even and perfect while imparting natural healthy color. You can choose to use this alone, or mix with your moisturizer or foundation. I prefer to mix it with my foundation for a super natural “I’ve just been to the beach” look. This is so moisturizing, I don’t even need to use a separate moisturizer, although drier skin may choose to. The formula is infused with Vitamin E to protect and moisturize as well as light reflecting particles to add subtle warmth to the skin. Love this!

Body Bronzers:

Vita Liberata – is the newest player in the self tanner market and I’m thrilled to report I have had excellent results! Viva Liberata offers two formulas: Sheer Tinted Tan Mousse ($37.50) and Rich Tinted Self Tan Gel ($37.50). Both formulas provide instant, transfer resistant “tan and go” color. The mousse is my favorite because it is so light and quick-drying with absolutely no streaking. Read my full review here.


Beautisol Summer Glow– Summer Glow is a deep self tanner, it has NO self tanner smell and comes with a dark guide color so you get instant, perfect results. Beautisol gives a wonderful natural looking tan. Make sure to use the tanning mitt for a streak free application.


St. Tropez – come in mousse, lotion or spray. You can also choose from gradual tanning lotion or an instant bronze. St. Tropez is designed for those that want a deeper, richer tan. Review here.

See what everyone else chose as their favorites. Click on the logos below!

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  1. Oh that Buxom looks beautiful. I thought about putting that on my wishlist. I do have the Becca on my wishlist.

  2. I love that Laura Mercier bronzer too and totally forgot to list it because it’s in my “need to blog” pile for this week =( It’s so lovely, I think I picked it up because of your swatches lol you always get me on the LM

  3. That Buxom bronzer looks amazing!

  4. You have done it. You made a LM item appealing to me. You are a miracle worker!!! 🙂

  5. Yay beautisol!

  6. I am curious about the Vita Liberata!

  7. I love LM’s matte radiance too! I’d also love to try the park avenue princess one

  8. Can’t wait to try that Vita Liberata! Just got mine today.

  9. Beautisol is everywhere! I love it too!

  10. The LM Bronzer is gorgeous…need to try that one!

  11. I had no idea that Park Ave Princess came in waterproof!

  12. The Buxom looks fabulous! I might have to get that!


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