Travel in Style with SOHO Beauty Makeup Bags!

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by Blythe

Packing, the word alone can send me into a panic. What should I bring? What should I not bring? Will everything fit in my suitcase? Must make a “To Pack” List Now! While deciding which shoes, okay really how many, to bring is always my biggest challenge, coming in at a close second is choosing my toiletries, and finding the perfect bag to pack them into.

About a year ago I found a very large bag, with lots of compartments, that is ideal for long trips, but not so great for shorter trips. When Cindy sent me the London SOHO New York –Summertime Radness Double Zip Cosmetic Box with Brush Holder, $16.99, to review my small toiletry bag wish was answered. This bag, or box as the brand calls it, is not only the perfect size for shorter trips, but also is extremely well made.

Soho Beauty Double Zip InteriorSoho Beauty Double Zipper Large Bottom Compartment

Product Details

  • Dimensions – 9.5″L x 5.75″W x 3″H
  • Made of easy-wipe vinyl/polyester
  • Two zipper sections
  • Six-slot brush holder
  • Mesh zip pouch
  • Single top strap

I really love the vinyl construction of this bag. It is lightweight, easy to clean, and features very sturdy zippers. I can’t tell you how many cosmetic/toiletry bags I have had to throw out because of shooty zippers.

Soho Beauty Double Zip Cosmetic Box Close-up

As I mentioned above, the Beauty Double Zip Cosmetic Box features two sections, both of which unzip all the way for easy access to all your items. The top zippered section contains a slim mesh pouch, perfect for keeping your makeup organized, and a brush holder, which features a plastic flap for protecting your brushes.

Soho Beauty Double Zip Mesh ZipperSoho Beauty Double Zipper Box Brush

The wide mouth opening of the catch-all bottom section also opens up for easy accessibility. I find this section is ideal for tossing in odds and ends, or larger products like my foundation or eye shadow palettes. The sturdy construction of this section also means I don’t have to worry about any of my products falling out.

Soho Beauty Double Zipper Large Bottom Compartment

Although this Summer Radness pattern, which funny enough perfectly matches my large toiletry bag, doesn’t seem to be available on the SOHO Beauty’s website, they do offer many other designs and fabric choices, which you can find at Ulta, Walgreens, Target, Amazon and Harmon.

Overall: At $16.99, the London SOHO New York –Double Zip Cosmetic Box with Brush Holder is an amazing deal. It is well constructed, and contains just the right amount of space to be used as your toiletry bag for a short trip, or as your cosmetic bag for longer trips. I highly recommend checking out London SOHO New York’s full line of products for yourself or someone else. SOHO also has a great selection of Disney makeup bags!

Have you tried London SOHO New York products before? What is your favorite travel cosmetic bag?

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  1. Looks pretty and practical, perfect 🙂

  2. Kim Henrichs says

    Very cute!

  3. This bag is super cute and it looks incredibly practical too! I just might have to check it out for myself.

  4. Super cute bag! I’d love it in a turquoise or slate color!

  5. Very cute bag! And a thorough review. 🙂

  6. Eileen Murphy Kelly says

    A great travel bag. It looks like it would hold all my travel needs

  7. I’ve been wanting a new makeup bag. That one is adorable!

  8. This is gorgeous! I love having pretty luggage for my trips. 🙂

  9. Such a cute color and style! I just got rid of a makeup bag, and I’m looking for something to replace it. 🙂

  10. How lovely is this bag? It is quite literally perfect I love the design and all its functionalities.

  11. jillconyers says

    I have a strange obsession with travel bags. Or bags in general. Love the cheerful color.

  12. Lucy Valdez says

    This looks like a great bag for storage & travel! I love that it more of a flat design which is perfect for a suitcase plus it seems like it would keep my makeup goodies from getting jostled around!

  13. Deb Clem-Buckert says

    I love that this bag has all kinds of little pockets. I don’t travel very much but if I did, I’d want this for my make-up.

  14. Rose Sahetapy says

    The bag is cute, and looks like an ideal for a make up bag

  15. Jannine Pampu says

    Looks like a great bag for over-nighters. I especially like the brush compartment with the plastic flap, and the fact that the material of the bag is easy to clean.

  16. That bag looks great! I absolutely love the color, and it looks like there’s plenty of space. 🙂

  17. Di Hickman says

    This looks like a really great bag! I’ve been looking for something like this for my upcoming travel schedule, so thanks!

  18. Sarah Koves says

    Oooohh I am a bag nut! The perfect bathroom travel bag is always a mystery, but I love this one.

  19. Monroe Bishop says

    awww snap, that bag is the bomb dealio!! Love it! Thanks for sharing

  20. This is so adorable, I love the orange and gold.

  21. I need a new toiletry bag for traveling and I like the color and print of this one. And yes, the reason why I need a new one is because the zippers broke on my old one.

  22. That bag is seriously cute! I have a huge LL Bean toiletries bag that I use for my family when we go on long trips…but short trips…nothing. This is a great price too! I can’t wait to check them out!

  23. That’s so pretty. I love have pretty wash bags, mine was a Ted Baker one and bought as a gift, it always makes me feel special when I travel. It’s a great gift idea – thanks for sharing 🙂