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Sandal season is just around the corner and I LOVE getting pedicures. Unfortunately a shellac pedi runs about $50 where I live and that makes a weekly pedi cost prohibitive for me. So…..I have gotten into the habit of doing it myself! I’ve enlisted the help of Aquaphor to help get my tootsies ready for their spring debut.

2013-04-20 01.40.01

If your feet are still carrying the burden of the dry, winter season, you’re not alone. After the dry, harsh winter, my feet are look like something a Yeti would be ashamed of. Dry cracked heels are not attractive in strappy sandals.  Indoor heat and the harsh winter elements dry out your skin due to the lack of humidity in the air. When skin gets really dry it can break open and crack. Most of us are good at keeping our skin moisturized, but we often neglect our feet, out of sight, out of mind. This can lead to cracked heels that include dark or yellowing skin, calluses and flaky patches of skin, all things you want to be rid of before slipping into this season’s stylish sandals.

Using the proper technique and products is crucial for a smooth transition into sandal season and Aquaphor is here to help with these three easy steps:

• Step 1: Soak

Your feet get the most use and abuse. Take 10-20 minutes every few weeks to pamper them in a soak of lukewarm water with a few drops of gentle liquid soap. Try out our sister brands: Eucerin Gentle Hydrating Cleanser. Soaking your feet helps to soften the skin and will make the next step easier.

2013-04-20 02.33.08

• Step 2: Exfoliate

Once the skin on your feet has been softened from the soak, dip a pumice stone into the water and rub it lightly back-and-forth across the rough patches on your feet for about 30 seconds. Dip the pumice stone back in the water and repeat on the other foot. When finished, dip both feet back in the water to remove the excess skin.

2013-04-20 01.41.50 (360x480)

• Step 3: Moisturize

Now that you’ve softened your feet and removed some of the dead skin, it’s important that you properly moisturize the new layers of skin that have been exposed. Apply a generous amount of Aquaphor Healing Ointment, cover your feet with plush socks and sleep in them overnight. You’ll love the way your feet feel in the morning and will vow to make this a part of your regular routine!  Aquaphor Healing Ointment protects dry, cracked or irritated skin to help enhance the natural healing process and restore smooth, healthy skin. This stiff is seriously amazing! It melts into your skin and provides DEEP hydration–love it! Dermatologist-trusted product that is fragrance-free, preservative-free, non-irritating and ideal for sensitive skin.


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We here at Prime Beauty are on a mission to *beautify the world and we’re starting at the bottom with feet! Aquaphor and Eucerin have generously joined this movement by sponsoring this giveaway. Here what’s included:

  • Inflatable Foot soaking basin
  • Lava pumice stone
  • Plush socks
  •  Aquaphor Healing Ointment
  • And…a $50 DSW gift card!

To enter to win all these goodies plus a $50 DSW gift card, leave me a comment telling me what you would buy at DSW if you win. I’m looking for some flat gladiator sandals myself. You must be 18 years of age and a resident of the US to enter the contest. Gain additional entries by doing the tasks on the Rafflecopter widget–wait for it load and…..GO!



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  1. I would Probably buy some Comfy Sandals or Wedges for the Summer.

  2. I love Aquaphor! My mom has been using it to soothe her skin with her chemo/radiation treatments, as well–they have a giant basket of samples in the chemotherapy room 🙂

    I’m ready for some nice strappy sandals; and I’m sooo ready for summer!

  3. I would love to pick up some silver sandals at DSW.

  4. If I won I would invest in Some Running shoes to get Motivated to go to the Gym and Exercise to be look healthy, fit & lean for the summer season ahead.

  5. I might get the J-41 Tahoe Sport Slip-On.

  6. I’d buy sandals of some sort – you can never have too many! 🙂

  7. I would buy some string up sandals and or gladiator sandals. I am loving sandals now.

  8. diane redcay says

    I love the N.Y.L.A. Darwin Wedge Sandal

  9. deb preston says

    summer is around the corner – time to get after it

  10. Donna Tingle says

    I’m a sucker for heels. I always end up buying them.

  11. Shanna Gardner says

    would love some new comfy sandals

  12. Katherine says

    I’d buy some espadrilles.

  13. vanessa martinez says

    I really need a new pair of running shoes… so I’ll def use that for that

  14. Some BCBG wedges

  15. OMG! I wouldn’t know where to start 🙂
    Probably hobble over to the sandal section, after that pedicure I just had!
    GREAT! giveaway…GREAT! product!

  16. I want so beautiful sandals for my birthday in June

  17. Angel Cullen says

    Pretty sandals. : )

  18. I would buy some pretty sandals to show off my tootsies.

  19. Denise Grier says

    I’d definitely just gift it to my mom, she lives in that store. LOL.

  20. some navy sandals

  21. Dimitrea S says

    Oh man, a DSW gift card. What wouldn’t I buy?? lol I’d like to buy some nice sexy heels but I’d be responsible and buy new workout/running shoes.

  22. I’d buy a new pair of sandals for summer!

  23. Jessica Edwards says

    a new pair of tennis shoes

  24. johna derosier says

    I would start to buy some heels and I know me, I go for comfort every time, and I would end up with sandals

  25. i have several pairs of sandals in mind and i need to win so bad!

  26. I would buy some cochella inspired sandals 🙂

  27. I would buy some cochella inspired sandals 🙂

  28. raishel hall says

    I would pick me some new black heels 🙂

  29. I would get a pair of walking shoes.

  30. NEHA DAVID says

    Heellss! =] i love DSW

  31. Kathryn Finn says

    I need to buy some closed-toe shoes that can be worn at work and for a night out. DSW, here I come, but sure would be nice to have a gift card first. 🙂

  32. I’d buy a pair of cork wedges.

  33. Abby Kraynick says

    I would buy a new pair of Dressy sandals that I could wear for work

  34. Heather USA (FB: rosie areola Twitter @aitch77) says

    Ooooo I’d love some rose gold sandals or heels for Summer. GREAT giveaway thank you PBB!

  35. Linda carol says

    looking for some flats

  36. metallic thongs

  37. Mackenzie Evans says

    I would buy something fun for summer with bling.

  38. I would love to find a pair of cute, summery wedges. 🙂

  39. I would buy sandals

  40. Sharon Cullen says

    I desperately need a new pair of sandals

  41. A super cute pair of wedges! I love how they add height + style 🙂

  42. Michelle Deitz says

    Oh! I’m a true premire fan of DSW and I would sure add to my shoe collection!

  43. I would put it towards new danskos

  44. Restock my pedicure set, and some new blingy flip flops!

  45. I would buy new sandals in a fun spring/summer color.

  46. I need some new ballet flats.

  47. Katherine Donovan says

    This is my favorite time of year for new shoes! I would love to get some new wedge sandals!

  48. I should probably say shoes, but mama really needs a new purse! lol Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. I’d get some comfy summer sandals.

  50. My husband would steal it most likely since that’s his favorite store. He is the shoe person in our house.

  51. Linda Cooke says

    I would buy Some cute peep toe flats to wear with my new spring capris.

  52. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I love the Nine West Elise pump in camel or blush.

  53. I would purchase the Adrienne Vittadini Creole flats in polka dot. Love me some cute flats! 🙂

  54. Sheena Mariee Eaton says

    I would go for the Zigi Soho Wardrobe sandals,dsw12cat1970014,dsw12cat440004

    what a gorgeous shoe…the hard part would be picking the color! thank you for the giveaway and good luck everyone!

  55. Theresa Chaparro says

    I would probably pick out a pair of flat sandals

  56. Rebecca Brewer says

    A pretty new summer handbag, right now mine is full of kidstuff.

  57. I’d buy a pr of wedges..not sure which pr exactly yet though…so many choices! 😉

  58. Colleen Boudreau says

    A cute new pair of sandals for spring.

  59. I would buy a new cute pair of trainers for the gym.

  60. I really like the Fossil Saxon flat.

  61. Tara Prince says

    Sandals, of course! I love my toes and being almost-bare foot in the summer.

  62. I would like to buy a comfortable fashion forward pair of shoes or sneakers to commute to work

  63. Sharon Rooney says

    I would buy a pair of cute thong sandals to go with my capri’s and shorts for summer

  64. I would buy some bright pink or coral sandals, and then find a way to incorporate them into EVERY outfit for summer 🙂

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  65. Zan Caperton says

    I would buy some cute summery wedges to make me taller!

  66. I just saw some lovely merrell flats that look so comfy!

  67. I need some new tennis shoes.

  68. Gladiator sandals! I need some for summer.

  69. flat sandals with a strap (around the heel)

  70. I would buy some comfy sandals for summer!

  71. Sonya Morris says

    I would love to buy a pair of beige wedges.

  72. Styleezta says

    New running shoes!

  73. Erica Best says

    new slippers

  74. Tina Bartunek says

    I would get some sneakers or sandals.

  75. Sharon Siqueiros says

    I’ve wanted the Bandolino Thread sandals since I saw them come out a couple months ago, this would help pay for them!!
    Thanks for the great opportunity!

  76. Carolyn G says

    I like the Report Bee Striped Espadrille Flat

  77. Wanda McHenry says
  78. Stephanie says

    I would buy some nice new tennis shoes for the gym

  79. Wild Orchid says

    I would love a pair of nude wedge sandals.

    Entered the Rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  80. Carol Buchman says

    I need a great pair of wedge sandals for the summer & DSW has a great selection! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  81. Amanda Sakovitz says

    Amazing prize pack! I would love to buy some wedge sandals or gold flats!

  82. Thomas Murphy says

    I would give gift card to my GF, she would buy shoes.

  83. courtney b says

    i would get some new summer wedges

  84. Shannon Campbell says

    I would buy the Patrizia by Spring Step Extravagant Wedge Sandal. It is a lower heel than I normally wear and would go great with my light summer dresses too. And white is a great summer color!

  85. teresa koedyker says

    I would buy a pair of sandals!! Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  86. I’d get some running shoes!

  87. C R Williams says

    I would buy a pair of boots

  88. Hi-
    I’d get a pair of high-heeled wedge sandals

  89. I would buy a new crossbody purse!

  90. Kristi C. (@lov2read68) says

    A pair of new summer sandals in a bright blue or corally pink – something out of my comfort zone to shake things up a bit!

  91. Kristi C. (@lov2read68) says

    I’d love to get a pair of blue or corally-pink sandals – something a bit out of my comfort zone to add a pop of color to an outfit.

  92. I would add to sandal collection.

  93. Nataly Carbonell says

    I’d get this : Kelly & Katie Hester Flat Sandal

  94. Rachel Beltz says

    Some cute oxfords or sandals 🙂

  95. Melissa Clark says

    Id get newg by guess sandals!

  96. ruksana mohammed says

    I will buy Clark’s Seymour Dive Flip Flops – for the Spring.
    Thank you for the chance.

  97. Ginger Carpenter says

    A great pair of shoes!

  98. I’d buy a new pair of converse!

  99. rebecca shockley says

    Gomax Kitty Corner-12 Flat Sandal

  100. Amy Lynn says
  101. Yellow ballet flats! They scream summer! XO

  102. New running shoes for sure.

  103. Jeccica Simpson says

    I would buy a pair of wedges for summer!!

  104. I would buy some running shoes – maybe that would get my bum off the couch! 😀

  105. I’d buy some fab 30th birthday heels!

  106. Lauren Garrett says

    I would buy some new wedges or and most likely new running shoes! I may or may not be addicted to running right now!!

  107. Ruksana Mohammed says

    Tweeted as @barifromsd

    Thank you for the chance.

  108. Cute, colorful, comfy, peep toe ballet flat for work. I’m a teacher and on my feet all day.


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