U Unite Luxury Shampoo: A Real Treat For Your Hair!

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Not being a person of great wealth, little luxuries come few and far between for me. Oh sure, I indulge in the occasional pedicure or massage but that’s about it. Unite Hair Care lets me pamper my tresses with their latest line, U Unite Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner.  The name says it all–luxury. Infused with Crushed Pearl, Hawaiian White Honey and other decadent ingredients, this duo ensures that every strand is more lustrous than before.

Suitable for all hair types, even color-treated hair, the newest additions to the U LUXURY collection – a decadently formulated healing shampoo and conditioner enriched with Crushed Pearls, Organic White Honey and Pure Argan Oil.  Derived from freshwater pearls, Crushed Pearl has long been renowned for its healing powers and has been used in ancient medicinal treatments around the world. Rich in calcium, magnesium and amino acids, it delivers the essential minerals that nutrient-deprived hair craves. Rare and utterly exquisite in texture, Organic Hawaiian White Honey is harvested from a single forest of Kiawe trees, and is celebrated for its intensely moisturizing benefits.

Those of you who read this blog regularly know how difficult my hair can be. It is very fine, has virtually no body and tangles easily. Yeah…. it’s a problem. I was sent a sample of the shampoo only, but to my surprise I found I didn’t need the conditioner! I actually don’t like to use conditioner most of the time because it weighs my hair down–even the most lightweight formulas. I was able to skip the conditioner and with the help of my Wet Brush, comb through my hair quickly and easily. Win!

After just one use, my hair felt soft, smooth and silken. U Luxury Shampoo ($34.95) even took care of my flyaways! It’s very light and pearly and smells very clean and fresh. Most sulfate-free shampoos don’t make my hair feel clean and they certainly don’t lather.  U Luxury does both– you only need a small amount to work up a rich creamy lather. I’m only using the slightest amount so I don’t use it up too fast!

U Luxury Shampoo ($34.95) is sulfate and paraben free and is suitable for all hair types including color treated hair.  U Luxury Conditioner ($38.95) is also infused with Crushed Pearls, Hawaiian White Honey and Pure Argan Oil, along with shea butter, and apple, orange, lemon and sugar cane extracts, which locks in moisture.

Bottom Line: A bit pricey, but U Luxury’s Shampoo and Conditioner is a decadent treat for your hair!


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  1. This is one of my blog partner’s favorites. Actually she won’t share with me if they send us anything, that’s how much she loves the line!

  2. Galliesallie says

    Your link through said it was $43 and I couldn’t find the ingredients list. Why do companies do that? I won’t buy anything if I can’t see what’s in it. Thanks for the review, I would have considered it as I too have thin, tangly hair and would like to find something to help it.