Up your nail style with KBShimmer Multichrome polishes

I’m so thrilled with the 4 new Multichrome polishes from KBShimmer. I’ve always been a fan of this finish so learning that there are 4 new and outstanding shades was a thrill. Best news is that they are not limited edition and as always they are cruelty-free, are 5 free and have a fabulous flat brush that lays down polish perfectly. These 4 were sent to me but are ones I’d absolutely buy on my own.

KBShimmer new Multichrome polishes

Let me start with Dragon On and OnJewel-toned sapphire blue boldly morphs into a rich grape shade. In different lighting, navy and cerulean tones show off their richness.

KBShimmer Dragon On and On

This stunning sapphire blue changes into a rich grape shade, light is the key to beauty with this. Depending on the type of light you’ll see navy, royal blue, and different cerulean tones. All look extremely rich. Two coats is the perfect amount for my longish nails. I can wear this (and all seen today) for 2 weeks without a problem. For my taste Dragon On and On can be worn year round.

The unique Stay Salty has Seafoam green shifts to shades of navy and purple. In some lights, a gleaming of silver hue sets off a deeper green. This sea-inspired shade’s shift is more subtle head-on, showing best at certain angles and in lower lighting.

In the bottle Stay Salty looks so different than it does on my nails, it’s so much prettier actually once on.  A seafoam green shifts to shades of navy and purple.  In some light, a gleaming silver hue sets off a deeper green.  This sea-inspired shade’s shift is more subtle head-on, showing best at certain angles and in lower lighting.  Two or three coats is recommended for Stay Salty and you’ll find a big difference once you add that third coat.

Obsidian – A deep black hue that shifts to fiery shades of umber, crimson, orange and gold.  At first Obsidian was my favorite of the 4 but that was before I wore Much Lava To You. That doesn’t take away from Obsidian though. I love a black hue in a polish and that’s what makes Obsidian so unusual. You don’t really see black but you do see that it’s the base of a polish that shifts to these molten shades. It’s always different so it makes it much more fun for me.

And now for my favorite that I don’t want to remove! Much Lava To You – Deep, nearly black base accented by linear holographic pigment. Easily shifts to molten hues of umber, crimson, orange and gold. In bright lighting, the holo shows off a dazzling rainbow sparkle that is carefully balanced not to obscure this unique color.

comparison between Obsidian and Much Lava To You

Similar to Obsidian but this is more holographic than just color shifting. KBShimmer says it’s the holo version of Obsidian which makes sense as to why these two are my favorite. This has a linear holographic pigment and shifts colors depending on light. I see more black with Much Lava To You and next I see a lot of red. It looks like it would be a glitter polish but it’s the way the holographic pattern shows. It’s like wearing a rainbow sparkle on top of black. My choice between the two is Much Lava to You but I sure wouldn’t kick Obsidian out of bed for eating crackers!

Whichever you choose from this set of Multichrome polishes you won’t go wrong. You can find these at both Amazon and kbshimmer.com. All sell for $11 and will make your life much richer. Thanks to KBShimmer for providing these beauties. They make my pandemic life a whole lot happier.

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