Urban Decay Feminine Palette – Oh La La!

Urban Decay has released 3 new limited edition palettes for the Holiday Season – Fun, Feminine and Dangerous ($36). Urban Decay likes to describe everything they create as feminine, a little dangerous and a lot of fun—attributes that apply to their fans too. But since your mood can change from one day to the next, UD created a trio of limited-edition palettes designed to suit the different sides of your personality.

I was drawn to the feminine palette not only for the lovely lingerie-ish packaging but for the soft, girly colors. I’n not going to say pastel, because they are not–there is a teal, a lovely warm brown and a gunmetal gray. However, these colors are decidedly less bright than the Fun palette and less sultry than the Dangerous palette.

The Feminine Palette itself is purple plastic with a beautiful lace design and a zipper all the way around.  The eye shadow pans sit in a fishnet patterned tray and pop out so you can replace them.   Don’t worry about them falling out though, they are held in magnetically. What I will probably do if I ever finish this palette is reuse the zippered pouch as a makeup bag. All three of the palettes are designed to be reusable in this way. Cool!

The Feminine Palette has six eye shadows ranging from soft and shimmery to alluring plus a mini Lip Junkie Lip Gloss in Wallflower, a nude pink. No brushes in these palette–shoot!

  • Bordello (pale mauve shimmer with gold micro-glitter)
  • Skimp (light peachy pearl)
  • AC/DC (smoky greyish purple shimmer)
  • Gunmetal (dark metallic grey shimmer with silver micro-glitter)
  • Hijack (deep metallic teal shimmer)
  • Lost (medium metallic brown shimmer)
  • Lip Junkie Lip Gloss in Wallflower (nude creamy pink)

Skimp works great as a highlighter for under the brow bone and inside corner of the eyes (where I used it) or as a base shade. It doesn’t have a lot of color payoff but that’s okay, it serves a useful purpose in this palette. Bordello glows on the eyes and when AC/DC is combined with Bordello, the result is a sweet, romantic, girly feel look These shades are what drew me in, but the next few tempted me to actually purchased the palette.

Gunmetal is the only dupe–I also have it in the original Nudes palette.–It can be  sheered out for a soft look, or applied with a heavier hand for a more smoky look. Hijack is an awesome teal that leans green–LOVE it with my blue eyes. It also can be sheered out or applied heavier for a variety of looks. Lost is heaven, a warm coppery bronze with a dazzling sheen!!!

To my knowledge Gunmetal is the only shade in this palette that has been seen before so these shades should be new to everyone. UD enthusiats please correct me if I’m wrong. In the past I have shied away from Urban Decay eye shadows because they contained so much glitter. This new formula is oodles better–still highly pigmented but velvety soft, easily blendable and much more refined. I did get a tiny bit of fallout with the two shades that had microglitter, but honestly not enough to complain about.

I used Bordello, Skimp,  and AC/DC  and Gunmetal in this look. I used Skimp on the brow bone, Bordello on the lid, Gunmetal sheered out in the crease and on both upper and lower lash lines. AC/DC was used just a touch in the outer corner. In the pictures, It appears as if AC/DC was used on the lid, but this could be due to my over blending. Sigh.

Wallflower is a neutral pink with milky, creamy finish. The color coverage is quite light for my taste. My lips are so pale I prefer a gloss that has more color payoff–there is TONS of shine though. The texture is also a bit thicker than I like, but on the other hand there was NO stickiness.  After about 3 hours of wear I needed to reapply which is pretty normal. I also detected a bit of a minty scent and flavor.


Overall: I love the mix of colors in this palette.The softer pastel shades are so delicate and and the deeper shades can provide the smoke, if you will. This new formula is really terrific and much more suited to the over 40 crowd. For me the lip gloss was a bit to sheer, however if you like the nude lips look it will be perfect for you. If you have never tried Urban Decay before, this is a great introductory palette.

Prime Beauty Grade: B +  Bottom Line: quite pleased.

Have you tried Urban Decay? What do you think? Would you try the new formula?

If soft romantic shades aren’t your cup of tea, check out the Fun Palette for bright, cheery looks. Phyrra has a great review and swatches.

If you prefer to vamp it up and go smoky, the Dangerous Palette might just fill the bill.

 P.S. The Urban Decay Friends and Family Sale is on! Stock up on all your favorites at 20% off! Or get all your holiday shopping done in one click! Starts today and ends Saturday the 13th.  Discount valid on sale items as well.  Use code FFHOLIDAY12 at checkout.

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  1. That palette suits you very well.

  2. I stood over the UD display at Sephora recently debating which to get. I ended up with Smoked but now I wonder if I shouldn’t get something more usable for every day like this pretty feminine palette.

  3. Mamavalveeta03 says

    Your eyes look beautiful, Cindy. But I’m just not much for shimmer or bright colors, being a tried and true Bobbi Brown devotee. So I wouldnt’ get much use out of this palette. I do like the “Bordello” shade tho. (hmm…wonder what that says about me? lol)

  4. Mamavalveeta03 says


  5. I haven’t tried Urban Decay before but those colors are so pretty! Is the lipgloss really not sticky? I am eternally looking for a gloss which actually isn’t sticky and doesn’t just advertise that.

    • The gloss is slighty sticky–it won’t stick to your hair–I HATE sticky glosses so of I can stand it you should be able to.

  6. I really like these palettes, but because I have so many UD palettes already, I can’t personally justify buying the myself (I have every shade in this one except Bordello, as Skimp can be found in Book of Shadows IV). That said, these are great for those starting out.

    The key, I’ve found, with the glittery shades, is to use a flat brush and with gentle pressure (so as to not “kick-up” the powder & glitter) slide it along the grain of the bristles. Build the color onto the eye in gentle strokes, in one direction. These shadows don’t blend out well, but then you’d lose the glitter, anyway. Also, a good primer or cream base is essential.

  7. Uh oh, I almost wish I hadn’t come back to reread this post. I think I need this. I got the dangerous palette, but your swatches are so beautiful, I’m thinking maybe I need this one, too.


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  2. […] Prime Beauty finds palette perfection with the new Urban Decay limited edition Feminine Palette! […]