Vincent Longo Pearl X Eyeshadow Is A Chameleon

Photo Credit: Arthur Mavros

While my little chameleon may not be cute and cuddly, he sure is colorful! This is the image that came to mind when Marica from Beauty Info Zone showed me the Vincent Longo Pearl X eyeshadows  from the Spring/Summer Galaxy Dream collection. We were at Space.NK and couldn’t wait to take a peek. These shadows transform on different skin tones and in various lighting creating a kaleidoscope of color. They are simply stunning. Most are cool shades so I only treated myself to Code 6 Pink which I now regret.

Vincent Longo Code 6 Pink

Code 6 Pink Pearl X eyeshadow ($25) is comprised of a trio (I use the term trio loosely) of charcoal, baby blue and pink with flecks of fuschia and gold splattered in. It reminds me of the splash paintings that used to be popular with kids; they would load up a brush with paint and flick it to get the splatter effect. The texture is silky soft with good pigmentation and a unique complexity. The color can be made more intense by layering on more and still not look overdone. The finish is satiny rather than shimmery which lends it itself well to the over 40 woman and brings an amazing sheen to the eyes. Depending on the lighting and application (sheer to heavy) Code 6 Pink can appear as a cool taupe, a pale lavender, a periwinkle blue or even a silver. This is what makes the Vincent Longo Pearl X eyeshadows so versatile and fun to use! And….chameleon-like.

Cool Taupe swatched heavily and lightly

Swatches looks more silver in this photo

Taken outside the swatch looks lavendar

Vincent Longo Code 6 Pink

Longo Code 6 Pink

The picture above is only VL Code 6 Pink eyeshadow but closer to the lash line it appears las a silvery avender, then looks taupe in the crease–it’s all the same shadow. I tried two different eyeliners with Code 6; Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in Iridescent Anthracite and  Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner in Black Violet.  I was pleased with the results from both–there are so many combinations to be had. I think taupes, greys and blues, would look stunning as well. Experiment and explore!

Overall: I’m so happy with this eyeshadow! The quality is excellent, the shade diverse and the texture sublime. Packaging is a sleek black plastic case with a good sized mirror which I always appreciate. These shadows are a steal at $25 and I want more! There are 5 shades available: Code 6 Pink, Novalei, Destiny Rose, Etherea and Luna Beach. Marcia purchased Luna Beach, a taupey plum–I urge you to read her review and take a look at her pictures. Our friend Patty purchased Etherea, a gold, brown & bronze combo and now I want that one too! It’s too bad this brand is promoted more.

Pearl X eyeshadows are available on the Vincent Longo website or give our the lovely Teri Chiuminatta at Space NK in Newport Beach a call. (Space NK Newport Beach, 949-729-6803, email 

Prime Beauty Grade: A

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  1. I love your chameleon! Because of you I have Code 6 on its way to me too!

  2. gorgeous! i want that chameleon now though 😛

  3. It looks so fun and versatile! I would have been intimidated just by the looks of it, but after reading such great reviews, I think I’ll have to pick one up. Which would you recommend for a more olive complexion? Thanks!!

    • Depending on your eye color, I would suggest Luna Beach, Novalei or Etherea. I personally think anyone could wear Code 6 though. I want to pick up a few more too!

  4. Very tempting!

  5. It looks beautiful on you.


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