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You may already heard about Wantable, a monthly beauty subscription box. My friend Marcia over at Beauty Info Zone is somewhat of a beauty subscription connoisseur and this is her favorite so that is quite a recommendation. This is one of the more expensive boxes, $36/month or $40 for just one box. What makes this box different is that you fill out a very detailed questionnaire about several different makeup categories and you even pick the shades you prefer. For example, I chose neutral shades for eyeshadows, pinks and corals for lipsticks and I said I didn’t want any brow products or lip liners. I can change my profile at any time. Each month you receive 4-6 full sized beauty products specifically chosen according to your preferences. I was delighted that each of the five products I received are all something I would purchase for myself and the colors are ideal for me. It’s a great deal considering you are getting 4-6 full sized products you will most likely love and are curated by professional makeup artists and hair stylists. Wantable also has a return policy so you have nothing to lose!

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Let’s see what’s in my first Wantable box!

Michael Marcus Nail Lacquer ($15 retail, full size)this polish applies smoothly and takes just 2 coats to become opaque. The color I received is Geisha Girl, a pinkish coral. I really love this shade–it’s not a straight coral, it has a lot of red in it and is very rich. The hexagon shape of the bottle is fun and pretty but it’s only .5 oz. I probably would not pay $15 for such a small bottle.

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Susan Posnick ColorEYEDefine Eyeliner/Eyeshadow ($26 retail, full size) – I’ve heard of this brand but have never tried it so this was a nice surprise. I recall that Susan Posnick is a makeup artist but that’s all I knew. I looked at her website and think her story is worth repeating.

After an exciting and distinguished career painting the faces of models and celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Diane Lane, Amber Valletta, and Renee Russo, professional makeup artist Susan Posnick came face to face with a new challenge – skin cancer. Susan set aside the majority of her work in the film and fashion industry, and shifted her focus to developing an innovative product offering substantial sun protection and healthy foundation coverage. Beginning with COLORFLO mineral foundation in 2002, Susan has since created a complete cosmetic line of multi-purpose face, lip, and eye products for women on the go.  Products for REAL WOMEN – REAL LIFE.

This double-duty eyeliner/eyeshadow stick is my favorite item in the box. On one side is a beautiful bronze eyeliner with a slanted tip and on the other side is a gorgeous self-dispensing copper shadow. Both have a beautiful sheen with no overt shimmer or glitter and lend a refined polished look for over 40 women. I know I’ll get a lot of use from this and am happy I’m able to try this brand.

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Manna Kadar Gloss Ware Long Lasting Lip Gloss ($19 retail, full size) – another brand I’m unfamiliar with, but I’d like to know more! The color I got is Nibble, a pale baby pink with slight shimmer. There is a strong fragrance so if you are sensitive to scents it may be a bit off -putting. This gloss is slightly more sticky than I like, but it’s not a deal breaker.

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Face Stockholm Lipstick ($22 retail, full size) – rich and creamy with great full coverage. Pleasant is a beautiful coral pink with very subtle shimmer, definitely something I would pick out for myself. Face Stockholm lipsticks come in matte, cream and veil finishes and a whopping 130 shades! Packaging is a pretty silver bullet.

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Top-Pleasant with Nibble layered on top, middle-Nibble, bottom-Pleasant.

Japonesque Travel Smudger Brush ($15 retail, travel size) – I have a few Japonesque brushes in my collection that I use consistently. They are soft, dense and of good quality. This smudger brush is designed for smudging edges, softening lines, and blending out color–it will make a nice addition to my collection.

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 Bonus: Lise Watier Card with samples of two Ombre Soufflé Eyeshadows in Sunrise Peach and Vert enchanté. I can see why see these cream eyeshadows are called soufflé–the texture is extremely light and airy. They have a bit more sparkle than I’m used to, but the texture makes up for it and they are a glitterbomb. Sunrise Peach is a pale peacy beige and Vert enchanté is a lovely pale green. I would love to try more from this line!

Bottom Line: I’m quite impressed at the selection of products I received. Finally a subscription that does what it promises by tailoring the box to the individual! I so appreciate being able to not only pick shades, but textures and products that I will really use. I also really enjoy being able to try new brands. Wantable also has a jewelry subscription available that I’d love to try. You can switch between the makeup and jewelry boxes every month which is a very nice feature. If you like subscription boxes and surprises, Wantable is definitely worth a try. I also like that you can buy just one month for $40 or get the monthly subscription for $36/month. Wantable has done it right!

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