WarFighter Hemp CBD Provides Relief for Many Aliments While Helping Veterans!

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No doubt you’ve heard of CBD lately. CDB or Cannabidiol comes from hemp or cannabis and has many attributes and benefits. Research shows that CBD benefits include acting as an anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antioxidant and antiemetic. Research has shown that regularly taking organic hemp extracts can help strengthen the immune system and alleviate symptoms of PTSD, seizures, stress, pain, vomiting and nausea and anxiety. Using CBD won’t get you high if you’re worried 🙂

I’ve told you about my recurring insomnia and more recently the pain in my feet and legs from my job at the salon. So when I got the offer to try a few Warfighter Hemp products, I thought why not? I did my due diligence and feel very comfortable with WarFighter Hemp products. The company is comprised of veterans and non-veterans who believe in providing an alternative to the reality that many veterans are faced with – a cocktail of prescription painkillers and zombie dope. In addition, they give 50% of their profits give back to other charities that support veteran’s independence. That is something I can feel good about.

WarFighter Organic Hemp Extracts are full spectrum extracts that contain a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes. The most prevalent cannabinoid in Warfighter Hemp products is cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is one of 200 naturally occurring cannabinoids that exist in the hemp plant. CBD has been recognized by the United States government as an antioxidant and a naturally occurring neuroprotectant.

The first thing I tried was the WarFighter Hemp Crusher 900MG Full Spectrum Tincture $105 hoping it would help with my insomnia. Warfighter Hemp Crusher contains organic hemp oil, organic peppermint oil and CBD only. WarFighter Hemp Full Spectrum contains, along with the amount of CBD listed on the bottle, other cannabinoids in trace amounts. All WarFighter Hemp products contain less than 0.3% THC.

The naturally occurring cannabionds in Hemp Extracts can have a calming effect on the mind and body and this calming sensation can help even the most restless sleepers sleep soundly through the night. Instructions say to place one drop under the tongue for one minute and then swallow. Crusher is flavored with peppermint oil so it has a pleasant taste. I found I need two drops to get a full nights sleep but it certainly DOES work! I’ve tried prescription sleeping pills and over the counter sleep aids but they all made me feel hung over the next day. Those other pills also took an hour or more for me to get to sleep, but Crusher cuts that time in half and I get sleepy within a half hour.  A 1 oz bottle contains a one-month serving and is gluten-free & vegan. It’s so easy and effective!

Another product I’m impressed with is the WarFighter 1000MG CBD Full Spectrum Topical Lotion $75. Hemp Extracts can help reduce chronic pain and CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation and overall discomfort associated with a variety of health conditions. When I get home from a 9-hr. day on my feet at the salon, I rub this lotion into my feet and my arthritic knees. I can feel some immediate relief and after an hour or so, I feel I can actually stand on my feet again. The lotion is also very moisturizing with a very light natural scent. It is pricey–$75 for a 2 oz. jar, but it works really, really well and a full 50% goes to veterans so I don’t mind the price.

Warfighter Hemp is grown at their own farm in Eaton, Colorado. We have partnered with 4th generation Colorado farmers to grow our hemp on USDA organic land – not only does hemp provide opportunities for veterans, it provides opportunities for American farm families. We are one of the first hemp farms in the United States to hold both a UDSA organic certification and USDA organic handler’s certification. We believe in regenerative agricultural and organic farming practices.

WarFighter Hemp is USDA Organic and non-GMO which means no pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides EVER. Every batch of their products is tested in multiple stages throughout the manufacturing process by a third party for potency and purity. Warfighter Hemp products are manufactured in a CGMP compliant facility. They are gluten and allergy-free as well.

If you are considering trying Hemp or CBD products for the many health benefits, I highly recommend WarFighter Hemp. And I must say, I feel such gratitude to our veterans for their unselfish service, I would rather purchase from WarFighter with a full 50% of the profits going to help them than any other company.

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  1. I haven’t heard much about it. I agree so, if you are going to purchase, purchasing from a veteran is awesome. #militarymom

  2. I love that they support such a good cause!

  3. Good product and good way to say the thanks to the veterans. The concept behind this is topnotch btw.


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