Warm up to the Zoe Report Box of Style Spring 2016

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Spring 2016 Box of Style The Zoe Report

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What better way to kick off the first week of spring than with the new Zoe Report Box of Style, $100. This quarterly box, curated by Rachel Zoe and her editors, is filled with everything you need to look fabulous in the new season. Though the box may be pricey to me it’s worth the investment, especially with a retail value of approximately $344 (Spring 2016 box value).

The Spring box ushers in the second year for the quarterly subscription service, and my fourth box. So far, I’ve been extremely impressed with the items selected. I’m also impressed by the Box of Style’s customer service, who are quick to address any problems that might arise. There were some billing issues on the site this go round, which left many puzzled, but customer service was there to save the day and fix the issue.

The Zoe Report Box of Style Spring 2016

As with previous boxes, each item included in the subscription came neatly wrapped in black tissue paper inside in a large black box, embossed with “Box of Style The Zoe Report.” This time, the sticker seal inside the box saluted the new season with a “Hello Sunshine.” In addition to the booklet detailing the curated items and offering discount codes, this time subscribers also received a Spotlight Product extra; a deluxe sample of the La Mer The Concentrate. Considering the full size retails for over $400, this sample is about as much The Concentrate as I will ever try. I do appreciate the little extra, though.

Hero Item: The Sidekick Shaffer LA Leather Bucket Bag – $150

Shaffer LA Leather Bucket Bag
“This bag comes in a gorgeous custom CARAMEL LEATHER, which will pop with any outfit without overpowering it. Plus, there is no hardware so it’s super LIGHTWEIGHT while holding all of your essentials.” RZ

I love that the Zoe Report teases the hero items months in advance. I knew I would be receiving the Bucket Bag when I posted my Winter 2015 Box review. Once I saw it, I couldn’t wait for the Spring Box to arrive. I don’t have anything like this bag in my collection. I’ve been looking for a simple, fun brown bag for a long time, and now I finally have one. The Sidekick is bucket bag perfection. I’ve already worn it once, and the tassels paired perfectly with my new open-toed, fringe booties. The bag is lightweight and easy to wear. It’s also fairly roomy and holds everything I need for a day out and about.

The Shimmer: Jouer Crème Eyeshadow Crayon – $24

Jouer Creme Eyeshadow Crayon in BaroqueJouer Creme Eyeshadow Crayon Baroque Swatch

“Why not add a little SHIMMER to your beauty routine? Use this CRAYON to create either a fine line or a smoky look without the makeup bag clutter.” RZ

The makeup item is this season’s box comes from Jouer. I already use a few products from the brand, and was excited to try their eyeshadow crayon. It’s easy to apply and blend out. Plus, who doesn’t like the convenience this type of product brings. My only complaint is the color I received. I already have so many bronze/copper eyeshadow crayons in my collection already. There were 8 possible shade options. I was really hoping for a blue or nude shade, but oh well.

The Not-So-Heavy Metal: Jules Smith Pave Bar and Stone Cuff – $45

Jules Smith Pave Bar and Stone CuffJules Smith Cuff

“This cuff is a great DELICATE PIECE, that is chic enough to stand on its own or LAYER WITH your go-to jewelry.” RZ

 Next up, we have the Jules Smith cuff. Subscribers either received it in silver or gold. This is a very beautiful, delicate bracelet. I really love the combination of the pave bar and turquoise stone. It’s definitely not something you see every day. I’m a bit on the fence about this piece, and may be handing it off to my mom. She’s tried it on, and it looks fabulous on her. I prefer bigger, statement pieces on my wrist. I’m also not to sure I like the way the silver looks on my skin tone, or whether I’ll really get much wear out of it. I will say that I do love the design, and am curious about other Jules Smith pieces.

The Sound – LSTN Sound Co. Wembley Earbuds – $100

LSTN Sound Co Wembley Earbuds

“I can’t think of single STYLISH WOMAN who doesn’t crave an equally chic pair of headphones. These earbuds offer great sound and are an ELEVATED OPTION for every day.” RZ

Next to the LA Shaffer bag, the LSTN Sound Co. Wembley Earbuds are my second favorite item. I could have used these on my last trip when I realized I was on the plane, and my earbuds were at home. Luckily, I had a great book to keep me occupied. There are so many things to love about these earbuds. They are stylish, made from real wood, feature volume control, a microphone, and fit comfortably into my ears. But the best thing is that every purchase helps someone hear for the first time, which makes the $100 price tag priceless.

The Hair Savior: Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk – $20

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

“If you haven’t used a DRY SHAMPOO, this is the one to try. I first discovered this product in PARIS during fashion week – it’s a great hair refresh when you’re ON THE GO, and the scent is perfect..” RZ

 When I unwrapped the Klorane Dry Shampoo I did a little happy dance. First of all, I can always use more dry shampoo. Second of all, I already love this product. It ranks up in my top 5 fave dry shampoos. It smells amazing and works so well, without leaving that dry shampoo buildup feeling. I will absolutely be putting it to good use soon.

The Styling Tool: Hollywood Fashion Secrets Oil Blotting Tissues – $5

Hollywood Oil Blotting Tissues

“Whether you spent the night out dancing or your SKIN is overly moisturized, BLOTTING PAPERS are a mattifying must for a photo-ready look.” RZ

I really love how each box always includes some little helpful tool. Last time it was foot petals, and before that fabric refreshing spray. While I don’t have oily skin, I still feel like I could get use out of these blotting papers. The suggestion to use them to reduce extra moisturizer or to remove sweat have given me a couple of great ideas.

Bottom line: If you’re looking to invest in a well-curated quarterly box, I highly suggest The Zoe Report Box of Style, $100. It might seem pricey, but the return on investment is always amazing. I’m extremely happy with the $344 value of the Spring 2016 Box. I know I will put the items to good use, especially the earbuds, dry shampoo, and the bucket bag. This season’s box is sold out, but there is still time to sign-up for the Summer 2016 Box. I can’t wait to see what the Hero Item will be this time.

What’s your favorite Spring Box item? What are your go-tos for Spring?

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  1. Robin Rue says

    Look at all the great stuff that was in there. I love that bracelet! It’s super cute!

  2. My daughter would love this box. She’s into this kind of stuff although she might not want to spend that much money. It was however a great value and it has one item in there that she already uses. Those blotter sheets are the bomb!

  3. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    The bucket bag is fabulous! And I love Jouer cream shadow. Very very nice!

  4. The bag and bracelet are definitely my favorite of all the items!

  5. I LOVE that bracelet! I need it! I will be checking out the Jouer cream too I love those things.

  6. That bag and the bracelet are right up my alley!! And I am always looking for some good dry shampoo so I will have to check this brand out.

  7. Amber Lea Easton says

    That is one loaded box of goodies. Lots of stuff here that I would like. Very informative post! That bracelet is gorgeous.

  8. Skye McLain says

    This is an amazing box of goodies!! I love love love that bag!

  9. I love this box! I have such mixed emotions when it comes to subscription boxes, because I’m usually really picky. BUT! I’m totally lusting over that bag – what a great inclusion 🙂 I would expect nothing less from Rachel and her team!!

    • It is hard to decide whether to subscribe or not to a box service. Luckily I haven’t been disappointed with this service, even when I know I won’t use an item, I can find someone to pass it along to.

  10. Great stuff in this box! Love the handbag!

  11. Norah Salazar says

    Gosh what a fabulous box. Everything is pretty.

  12. Rachel Zampanti Langer says

    I have been wanting to try a dry shampoo. I am going to trust your recommendation and get this one. Thank you!

  13. Debra Hawkins says

    What a gorgeous box! I love that caramel leather, what an incredible pairing!

  14. You’ve introduced me to a new box. It has some awesome products. I never would have thought about receiving earbuds in a box.

  15. The bracelet and the purse – WOW! I need those for Spring! Looks like a great box!!

  16. I really like the beauty products they sent with this one. The bracelet is super pretty too. I love the stone!

  17. Diedre Anthony says

    The price was a tad discouraging, but I”m sure the products don’t disappoint. Rachel Zoe has awesome style, whether you love or hate her. You’ve definitely peaked my curiosity as I”m a fan of subscription boxes!

  18. I love everything for this season! The price is totally worth it. That’s a really good deal for a $100 bucks.

  19. Karissa Ancell says

    What a really lovely bracelet. Looks like some fun items in that box.

  20. Normally I don’t care for the Box kits…. but I must say this one looks fantastic! I should have known it was Racheal Zoe! Im going to look into this…

  21. I’d be afraid to put out $100 but you certainly got your money’s worth. I love the purse and that would be my favorite. And you can’t dislike anything by LaMer. The shade of Jouer you got would be my choice.

  22. The Klorane dry shampoo is one of my favorite dry shampoos. I also think the bracelet is gorgeous

  23. Nice box contents. Love all the products they have there. Awesome.

  24. Karlyn Flores says

    Such a nice box and I really love the product, Especially the bracelet

  25. FabZilla_Kath says

    That bucket bag wins!!!!

  26. omg that camell bag is nice and the bracelet too. i’ve bene thinking of getting a camel or brown bag too nice things to have for 100$

  27. Wow what a lovely bag! I love that style.

  28. jillconyers says

    I want that bag! And the cuff too. Looks like a great collection of products.

  29. Awesome! I have been curious about what is inside one of her boxes!! I keep seeing dry shampoo and now I need to give it a try! Oil blotters work great too!

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    Wow this is beautiful! This box has a lot of surprises and I love it.

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    Sounds like a great subscription box. I always love getting things in the mail.

  35. Shannon Graham says

    What a neat concept! Plus, it seems like it saves you a ton of money on things you may have bought anyways. Win/win!

  36. Toni Williams says

    As an over 40 woman, I’m glad I found this blog! All of the items seem awesome, I especially want that purse.

  37. Oh my goodness! I’m obsessed with that bag and eyeshadow crayon! Gorgeous!

  38. Stephanie Pass says

    My teenager would just love this box. I love that bracelet cuff. Those are always my favorite pieces of jewelry to wear.

  39. The ear buds would have bummed me out, but the bucket bag makes up for it! Love the bracelet, too,

  40. I love that bracelet! Dainty jewelry is my jam.

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    Omg this box looks pretty fabulous!!! Loving the bracelet!!! So cute!!

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    My goodness, that looks like a wonderful box with some great goodies that anyone would love. I love that beautiful Stone Cuff & those Wembley Earbuds right away. Would love to try it out.

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