Welcome to Winter with the Fortune Cookie Soap Box

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         Fortune Cookie Soap Winter 2015 Elf Box 

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Welcome to my quarterly review of the Fortune Cookie Quarterly Soap Box Winter 2015. If you’ve read any of my previous reviews, then you know how much I look forward to receiving my FCS box each season, and discovering its new theme.

Last winter, the Fortune Cookie Soap Box was based on one of my favorite holiday movies, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  To date, this still remains one of my favorite Soap Boxes. This year, the theme was also a take on a popular holiday movie; Elf.

Before I share the goodies of the Elf themed box, let me give you a quick refresher on this Oklahoma based, bath and body company. Started by a husband and wife team, Fortune Cookie Soap is known for their unique, all natural products, which are always made in small batches. Their Fortune Cookie Soap Boxes, $19.99/quarter, are delivered straight to my door four times per year, and feature around eight full size or deluxe size samples of some of their newest seasonal products.

Welcome, Santa!

Fortune Cookie Soap Box Winter 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Box Product Card

Although I adore Will Ferrell’s silliness, I can’t say that I’ve watched ELF all that many times. After receiving this winter box, I feel like I need to re-watch it since I’m not so familiar with most of the references featured in the product list card; beyond “Buddy,” “Shower Duet” and “Yellow Snow,” so don’t through any yellow snow balls at me.

 Soap & Hand Sanitizer

“Buddy” – Fortune Cookie Soap

Fortune Cookie Soap

Nothing says Christmas quite like a 31 year old elf with daddy issues.

 My favorite staple of the FCS box is the fortune cookie shaped soap. Every time I see the soap next to the bathroom sink, I’m filled with joy. In keeping with the holiday theme and the childlike nature of Buddy himself, this soap features notes of vanilla, mint, holiday candy and fruits. It smells divine, as well. Now if I could only figure out what my fortune, “What’s a Christmas Gram? I want one,” means.

“Swirly Twirly Gum Drops” – OCD Hand Sanitizer

Fortune Cookie Soap OCD Hand Sanitizer
Sticky and sweet, this gum drop scent will stay with you through all of your holiday swirling and twirling.

My second favorite FCS staple is the OCD Hand Sanitizer. “Swirly Twirly Gum Drops” smells like the perfect mix of cotton candy, lemon drops, fresh pear nectar, and tart cranberries and black currants. Essentially, it’s holiday candy in a gel form that won’t add to your waist line, but will help to sanitize your hands after all that time at the mall or attending holiday parties.

Bath/Shower Products

 “Shower Duet” – Shave Oil

Fortune Cookie Soap Shave Oil

Make sure to use these yummy oils before your shower duet, because water isn’t slippery enough.

 Baby it’s cold outside, but this yummy shave oil will help warm up your hair follicles. With a mix of spruce, vanilla, fir and fruits, hyacinth and mint, this scent is ideal for both men and women. I had a little of trouble using this product. The squeeze bottle required a lot of squeezing in order for the oil to come out, which was very frustrating. I like the idea of the shave oil, more than the oil itself. Oh, well guess I will be shower dueting alone.

 “Yellow Snow”– Bath Bomb

Fortune Cookie Soap Bath Bomb

9 out 10 customers prefer it to smelling like “Beef and Cheese” …but there’s always one in every family.  

 The name of this bath bomb is too funny. FCS is always great at coming up with fabulous product names and descriptions. I passed this bath bomb, made from a mix of juicy plums, whipped caramel, vanilla jasmine and exotic woods, with a just a squeeze of Mandarin oranges, onto my mom, since she takes more baths that I do. She raved about how it made her skin feel extremely soft. I guess you could say she preferred it to beef and cheese.

 Body Cream and Perfume Oil

 “World’s Best Cup of Coffee” – Whipped Cream

Fortune Cookie Soap Whipped Cream

You did it! Congratulations! You now smell like the World’s Best Cup of Coffee! Great job, everybody!

 I don’t like the taste of coffee, but I love the smell, which makes the lotion perfect for me. The blend of fresh brewed coffee and Vermont maple syrup give this whipped cream a sweet, yet warm scent. It definitely isn’t a fragrance I would wear everyday, but I think it is perfect for this time of year. It almost makes me want to start drinking coffee, almost.

 “FCS Cheer”– Perfume Oil

Fortune Cookie Soap Perfume Oil

The best way to spend Christmas well is wearing this for all to smell.

 The FCS perfume oils are quickly becoming one of my favorite box items. Each quarter they seem to create a fragrance that not only embodies the theme of the box, but also is perfect for the season. The FCS Cheer accomplishes both these qualities with its combination of rich, buttery vanilla pound cake, over dark frankincense, patchouli and cedar. This holiday scent makes so much frankincense.

 Unique Additions

 “Christmas Gram”– Face Plant

Fortune Cookie Soap Face Plant

Watch out – our new Face Plant might just have you singing “I LOVE YOU!” to virtual strangers at the office Christmas party.   

 I’m always so intrigued by the unique additions FCS adds to each box. This quarter they included “Christmas Gram” Face Plant tablets. Essentially, you drop two to three of these lavender, sea salt spray, sage and dark vanilla scented tablets into very hot water. Then cover your head with a towel as you lean over the sink and let the steamy goodness open your pores, as well as refresh and tone your skin. Christmas Gram take me away.

 “Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins”– Dry Shampoo

Fortune Cookie Soap Dry Shampoo

Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins?? There’s gotta be a funny joke in there somewhere…

 The other new addition to the box is dry shampoo, except instead of being in spray format, this comes in powder form, and  features a light floral scent of lilies, freesia, jasmine and bayberry, along with muddled fresh blackberries and plums and a sprig of peppermint. I’ve used “Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins,” several times and found it to be highly effective and refreshing my two or three-day old hair. My hair looks neither cotton no like a ninny muggin, whatever that might be. I really do need an ELF movie night.

 Bottom line:  As always, the Fortune Cookie Soap Box is a great deal at $19.99 per quarter.It let’s you indulge in bath and body products and pamper yourself, from head to toe. It also makes for a great gift. Plus, each box comes with a $10 off code you can use in the FCS online store, which makes buying full size items of your favorite box goodies very enticing and affordable. The winter box is currently sold out, but there is time to sign-up for the spring box, or to purchase items from the winter box, or FCS other holiday collections, as holiday gifts for you or the bath and body lover in your life.

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