Welcoming Shift Your Stories to Fashion Flash

Fashion Flash is always changing and this week we have a new blogger, Mary of Shift Your Stories is posting for her first time. In addition to her blog Mary is also a published author and her book, PopUp Purge, is now available.

Mary is a wonderful addition to our over 40 group. Here’s a summary of her book so you can see why we feel this way:

When you reach the midlife milestone, the kids are grown and on their own. Now you can refocus on where you want to be … but where is that? Not quite sure?
Uncover your new direction by harnessing the power of physical decluttering. When you accept that clutter is not just in your closet, you’ll realize that it’s really the emotions wrapped around your stuff that has you stuck!
The PopUpPurge™ is a soulful guide for the modern midlife woman to retain only what matters now. The actual decluttering technique is fairly basic. Don’t expect a magic number of how much to keep or a specific system for how to store things. Instead, it delivers a uniquely powerful approach devoted to releasing the outdated mindset holding you in place. As you sort through your Past to streamline your Present, you will shift into your Future with confidence and clarity!
Decluttering the home is the author’s metaphor for figuring out what has us stalled on the sidelines. Written with compassion, wisdom, and light humor, this gem of a book is sweetly sprinkled with images of diverse women and insightful quotes for living lighter with newfound purpose!

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