What’s Inside My Rebecca Bag?

Rebbeca Minkoff Amorous Satchel

Rebbeca Minkoff Amorous Satchel

The “What’s In My Bag” Beauty Spotlight Team Series continues and It’s my turn! So… what trash or treasures are in my bag? We’ll get to that later, let’s start with the bag itself. If you’re not interested in bags (who are you people?) scroll down for the “inside scoop”—get it? Heh heh.

I love adore this Rebbeca Minkoff Amourous Satchel bag. I purchased it at the spring Shopbop sale for 25% off the SALE price. I know! How could I pass that up? Electricity is overrated anyway. I was unsure because this particular style doesn’t have a full zipper at the top and I can be rough on bags. Read as “throws them around, especially in the car.” I was afraid my things would fall out of the top with only a clasp and not a full zip. I’m so happy that this hasn’t been the case. The color of by bag is called Watermelon and it’s not stunning but bright and cheerful too. It’s a mix of pink, red and coral. I have been carrying this all summer and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t receive a compliment. Win!

2015-06-04 04.20.03 (480x411)

Inside my bag everyday:

Sunglasses—I’ve been switching between these by Tory Burch and a pair of Marc Jacobs in a wire rim style.

Tory Burch Sunglasses

Tory Burch Sunglasses

My prescription computer glasses – I just got these a few weeks ago and wow, what a difference they make. With my regular glasses I was always straining to see my computer at work and because my regular glasses are bifocals, my neck was always tilted up making it sore. These are the perfect solution. I wear them for really close up work and for the computer. These cured so many of my aches and pains (literally) that I recommend your check computer glasses out if you work a lot at your computer. I have them in my bag for reading menus!
Kindle – I carry my Kindle nearly everyday. As an avid reader, I often read on my breaks and lunch hour. I can’t remember where I got this cute polka dot cover, but it’s four years old now and probably should be replaced.
IPhone—ALWAYS. The darling striped holder is a rubber material to absorb shock from dropping, but I like it because it has a little pocket. I can tuck my driver’s license and credit card in and I’m good to go…for a short time.
Wallet – this one is by Tory Burch and has lots of slots for cards, a zipped pocket for change and lots of room to tuck things away. The other nice feature is that it zips all the way around.
Makeup bag – this one is from an old Ipsy bag. It’s a perfect size for all the lipsticks/glosses I have in it. I am currently carrying 13 lipstick/glosses in the bag plus the stub of a Laura Mericer brow pencil, a black eyeliner and what the what??? THAT”S where the dongle to my Fitbit is!!!

2015-06-04 04.21.42 (480x416)

Tarte Vintage LipSurgence from the last QVC special (review here)
NYX Butter Glosses in Peaches and Cream and Maple Blondie (review here)
Lancôme Gloss In Love Under the Spotlight (review here)
bareMinerals Cream Glaze Topcoat makes any lipstick into a lovely pastel color (review here)
Too Faced La Crème Lip Color in Country Star, a peachy nude perfect for those no-makeup days of summer
Eddie Funkhouser Hyperreal Hydrating Lip Gloss in Belle de Jour, such a lively pink for summer! (review here)
ColourPop Lippie Stix in Sweet Thing – I didn’t like this shade at first but it has definitely grown on me the more I’ve worn it. It’s a beautiful lilac pink. (review here)
ColourPop Lippie Stix in Freneme – the perfect vivid red coral for summer nights! (review here)
Lancôme Rouge In Love Lipstick in Rose Boudoir – a bright yet soft pink that lasts and lasts!
Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me- a fun sheer red lip balm that is super hydrating
LORAC Alter Ego Lipglosses in Heartbreaker & Dream Girl – I am in deep for these glosses beauties. Not only are they extremely pigmented, but these are two are gorgeous colors. I love the shine, long wear, the pigment—all for only $15! I’m going for more colors, make sure to check these out! (review here)
BECCA Blotting Powder Perfector in Translucent – the best blotting powder around—it’s light, airy with no color so perfect for absorbing excess oil in the summer.

2015-06-04 04.22.21 (480x413)
Breakup to Makeup Compact Mirror—aren’t these darling? One side is regular and the other magnifying.

2015-06-04 04.21.52 (480x470)
Mini Wet Brush
Pacifica Malibu Lemon Blossom Hand Cream – this is the most hydrating hand cream without leaving your skin greasy and I love the light, fresh scent. I keep one at my work desk too.

Assorted bits n’ bobs: a dry cleaning receipt, mints from a restaurant, lots of pens and that’s about it, nothing all that exciting but required for me!

2015-06-04 04.23.39 (480x320)

And I found my dongle!!

2015-06-04 04.24.12 (400x480)

There you have it. Not much makeup for a beauty blogger ‘eh? 13 lip products isn’t excessive is it?

What’s in your bag? Have you found something in your purse you thought you had lost?

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  1. What a beautiful bag! <3 And I like your sunnies too. Glad to see some love for NYX in there, I really like the Butter Gloss formula.

  2. I am still going “wow” at how beautiful that colour is!

    And here I am too lazy to switch my winter bag for one of my summer ones. Shame on me!

    13 is not too bad. That happens quite easily 😉

  3. Cute and cheerful bag. Love it!

  4. Great handbag and contents – and it’s named after me! So even better 🙂
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  5. Hi Cindy,

    What a pretty purse! One can never have too much pink, I think! What a fun mirror too, that certainly tickles my funny bone 🙂

  6. 13 lip products! You’ve got me beat. I adore your purse and the color is stunning!

  7. Julie B. says

    I don’t even own that many lip products, and that’s just what you carry in your bag! Haha, that’s why you’re the beauty blogger. Nice to be prepared!


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