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Wildist natural toothpaste and deodorant

I’ve been trying for the last few years to incorporate more natural products into my beauty routine and even my home. Wildist is helping me to replace my chemical-laden essentials with natural and organic products like toothpaste and deodorant.


Wild + Alchemist = Wildist. Each product is an unexpected combination of wild, natural ingredients and effective, tested chemistry. They skip the nasty ingredients found in most toothpaste and deodorants, like animal-based glycerin and triciosan.

Instead, Wildist uses smarter ingredients like a natural deodorant formula that doesn’t stain clothes or yellow whites. Or eco-friendly packaging, like 100% BPA-free aluminum toothpaste tubes that can be tossed into the ‘good’ bin.

Wildist toothpaste $8 comes in 3 flavors.

Brillimint is a mix of mint plus white tea, perfect for waking up energized! Instead of toxic fluoride, a baking soda and silica combo removes plaque. White tea, ginseng, and goji berry mix with multi-mint extracts to wake up a tired mouth! It’s smooth with a frothy lather. But don’t expect as much foam as with other toothpaste. This suits me fine as I sometimes feel like a rabid dog with my current toothpaste!

Dreamomile is a natural nighttime toothpaste that will help you chill out. Activated charcoal absorbs stains to whiten teeth while you sleep. Plus, chamomile extract helps your nerves wind down for a comforting evening ritual.

Wildist  Dreamomile toothpaste

Soothinger is a gentle natural toothpaste to soothe your gums. Tumeric and ginger offer gentle anti-inflammatory powers. This earthy blend dispells the myth that mint is the only way to fresh breath.

Tangellow Sensitive Natural Deodorant $16 

This deodorant combines Tangerine and Wintergreen for a fresh, clean scent. Hops + neem+ ferment = safely neutralized bacteria for a stink stopper and wetness fighter. Since the formula does not include any aluminum-based compounds, this deodorant leaves zero sweat marks or yellowing of clothes.

Wildist  deodorant

Tapioca starch, witch hazel, and shea butter provide moisturizing absorbency.

I love the soft, crisp, clean scent. My underarm area can be sensitive probably from a thousand years of shaving, and this deodorant is very soothing. It’s also clear so no white marks on clothes! I wore it all day and it kept me dry and odor-free. No natural deodorant has ever performed as well, I’m thrilled!!!

The bright, colorful packaging is no only recyclable, but so, so pretty and unique! The print kind of reminds me of Pucci. The unique tube that the deodorant comes in can be reused for all sorts of things–toothbrushes, pens or makeup brushes!

Wildist packaging

What do you think? Will you try Wildist?

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