YULIP Natural Lipsticks!

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YULIP Natural Lipsticks

YULIP  is a Korean cosmetic brand that specializes in lip products. Founded in 2017, YULIP Natural Lipsticks feature 100% non-toxic and all natural lipsticks. YULIP was born to create beauty products made with safe ingredients that allow women from around the world to look and feel beautiful. Founder Hyesung Won wanted to create the safest lipstick to share with daughters around the world without worry.

YULIP means

YULIP is named after founder Hyesung Won’s daughter.  Hyesung wanted to create a lipstick that is not harmful to both moms and daughters. Inspired by her daughter, Hyesung wanted to incorporate her daughter’s name ‘YUL’ into the brand. YUL also means ‘rhythm’ when translated into Chinese characters. As a result, YULIP strives to become a brand that makes your lips sing.

Clean Beauty

YULIP lipsticks and vegan lip balms that are 100% non-toxic, natural, organic, and cruelty-free. Pucker up this summer with bold and beautiful lipsticks made with naturally-derived ingredients without synthetic dyes or artificial colors!

Benefits –YULIP lipsticks and balms are:

  • HIGHLY PIGMENTED – Only made with natural ingredients that provide long wear.
  • ALL DAY MOISTURIZING  – With one application, your lips will feel hydrated and softer.
  • MADE WITH SAFE INGREDIENTS  – All ingredients and colors are derived from nature. Including Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Camellia Seed Oil, Seaberry oil (Sea Buckthorn oil), Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Evening Primrose Oil.
  • Cruelty-free, 100% toxin-free, eco-friendly packaging, organic, and unscented

I’ve been trying to add more natural, clean beauty products into my beauty routine and YULIP fits right in. To see my clean, natural skin care regimen, click here.


Angry Rose is a brick red with medium to full coverage. It’s highly pigmented-one swipe is all you need. This brick red shade was chosen as a 2017-2018 trendy color but it seems like a timeless color to me. It’s a shade for everyone. It is made with 100% natural and naturally-derived ingredients including 52 % of which are certified organic(USDA and Soil Association Certified) ingredients.

Wednesday Fever is a bold, deep berry shade lipstick. This color was inspired by sweet mixed berries jams with raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry. Soft, creamy texture with a satin finish. Hydrating ingredients make your lips all day comfortable.

Sunset Pink is my personal favorite. I love wearing pinky coral shades. It’s more sheer and glossy than the others and it will suit any skin tone. If you have to choose one (oh no!) make it this elegant, classy shade. Made with 100% naturally-derived ingredients including 51.88 % of which are certified organic ingredients.

Lip Almighty Koral. Yulip’s lip almighty series is sheer color tinted lip treatment balm for all ages, even for your little ones. Made with safe ingredients, zero chemical included, this vegan and ‘must-have’ lip balm is good for those who don’t wear makeup or lipsticks. Colored with anthocyanin derived from purple sweet potato and red potato, it does have a strange but not off-putting scent. Koral means Korean + Coral.

These lipsticks are so, so smooth, creamy and feel wonderful on the lips! The packaging is elegant too. The lipsticks come in a sleek, black squared shaped bullet complete with a magnetic top and the YULIP logo. The Lip Almighty line are housed the same way except white instead of black.

YULIP lipsticks and balms retail for $22 and can be found on the YULIP website and Amazon.com

Bottom Line :

Clean & natural beauty just keeps getting better and better. YULIP vegan, all natural lipsticks are beautifully pigmented plus comfortable and safe to wear. I adore them!

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