Zoto’s AGEBeautiful Demi-Permanent Hair Color!

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While I feel I embrace my age most of the time and don’t try to look like a millennial, one thing I will not tolerate is my gray hair peeking through. That’s why I turn to AGEbeautiful to cover those stubborn grays.

The AGEbeautiful demi-permanent hair color line is brought to you by the same Zotos Professional hair color experts behind the phenomenally successful AGEbeautiful permanent hair color line (reviewed here).  Like the permanent line, the new demi formulas address gray, thinning, wiry texture, dryness and dullness (the 5 signs of aging hair). AGEbeautiful delivers fuller, softer, shinier hair with natural looking color results and is perfect for those who want longer-lasting results than semi-permanent color but aren’t ready to commit to permanent. The pH balanced formulas target those first pesky grays and uniformly blend them away for rich, enduring color that lasts up to 28 shampoos!

The ammonia-free formulas deposit color for up to 100% gray blending with no lifting. It’s also great for enhancing and deepening natural color, refreshing previously colored hair, touching up roots and glazing over highlights.

AGEbeautiful demi-permanent hair color comes in an assortment of natural-looking shades that match the most popular permanent shades, making it perfect for root touch-ups, and is available in 5 tonal families:

  • neutral: rich natural results
  • gold: warm golden results
  • red: true red results
  • red copper: warm red copper results
  • red mahogany: cool red mahogany results

There is even one CLEAR shade with no color deposit that adds brilliant glossy shine, which can be used as a glaze on natural hair or on top of permanent or demi-permanent hair color. It’s perfect to refresh your color between salon visits.

The gentle crème developer, created exclusively for the demi-permanent formulas, is available in two sizes (4-oz and 16-oz) with an easy 1:1 mixing ratio, and has a versatile liqui-crème consistency that can be used in an applicator bottle or with a bowl and brush.

AGEbeautiful is available at Sally Beauty stores nationwide; visit sallybeauty.com to find a location near you.

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  1. I’m too much of a coward to try coloring my own hair, but I feel confident that I can do the clear lol!


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