AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up Spray!


When you color your hair, you probably dread root grow-out as much as I do. As I age covering my roots is even more important because of the grey that keeps sneaking in with more and more frequency. I don’t want to go to the salon every 6 weeks just for my roots so I’ve found a great alternative, AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up for temporary gray coverage. It’s the first anti-aging temporary hair color that quickly & easily conceals gray roots in seconds!

The #1 reason women over 35 color their hair is to cover gray, and now there is a quick fix when those pesky silver strands creep in. AGEbeautiful, the professional anti-aging hair color brand is introducing new Root Touch-Up Haircolor, a temporary spray designed not only to conceal gray roots in seconds but also to add volume. It’s perfect for use over 40 fine-haired gals!

I use this quick-drying formula to cover my gray in between salon visits. It’s ideal for those course gray hairs that pop up in my part and at the hairline or even my dark roots. It’s also great if you have thinning patches. I just shake up the can and hold it 4-6 inches away from my dry hair and spray onto my roots in light, even strokes. A little goes a long way so start light and add more if necessary. Since I used the AGEbeautiful Topcoat Toner for Blondes about 4 weeks ago, my gray was pretty tame but my roots were in desperate need of touching up and Root Touch-Up did a fantastic job. I usee the shade Light Blonde and it’s a great match!

AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up comes in 8 natural-looking shades that were specifically developed to complement AGEbeautiful’s top-selling permanent shades and will blend with any hair color brand. Another thing I love about this product is that it is water, sweat and stain resistant yet can easily washes out with your next shampoo.

  • Black
  • Darkest Brown
  • Darkest Plum Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Light Golden Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Light Blonde
  • Dark Red Brown

Just look at what AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up did for my hair!

If you are looking for a fast, foolproof temporary solution to gray or dark roots to get you through until your next salon visit, head to Sally Beauty or and pick up AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up for $9.99. It’s soooo easy, it literally took about 2 minutes and I got great results!



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  1. Lacquerexpression says

    This is such a neat product! And you can’t beat those results for that price!

  2. Lacquerexpression says

    This is such a neat product! And you can’t beat those results for that price!